Who, where Rob Ford got votes

Poll results show what areas of the city voted in Ford for mayor
Was it downtown, suburbs that gave him most support?
Kris Scheuer

Rob Ford greets young boy

Rob Ford is mayor-elect in Toronto having gotten 383,501 votes to win.
In second place was George Smitherman with 289,832 votes. Ford beat Smitherman with 93,669 more votes.
The mayor is elected city-wide, but what areas of T.O were Ford’s biggest supporters from? Curious? I was.
Today, the city election office released poll-by-poll results for all mayoral candidates. This let us know which of the 44 wards Rob Ford got his support from and where second-place finisher George Smitherman won his votes. Let’s take a look (and check this out to see where past mayor’s got their support).
On average here is the breakdown:
In Scarborough’s 10 wards Ford overwhelmingly beat Smitherman.
In Etobicoke’s 6 wards picked Ford by a huge margin.
More voters in York’s 6 wards loved Ford too than Smitherman.
North York and Don Valley wards also loved Ford.
Parkdale-High Park and the downtown core loved Smitherman.
Midtown was split with half of it voting more for Ford and the eastern part voting more for Smitherman.
Davenport (west end of downtown) half of it voted Ford and the other half supported Smitherman.
Four wards in Beaches, East York, Riverdale, east end: three wards sided with Smitherman and one ward wit Ford.City Ward Map
Etobicoke-North Ward 1: Ford got 9,435 votes and George Smitherman got 2,131.
Etobicoke-North Ward 2: this is the ward Ford represented as a councillor for 10 years and he swept the mayoral votes here with 14,325 votes compared to 2,098 for Smitherman.
Etobicoke Centre Ward 3: Ford got 12,913 and Smitherman 4,704 votes.
Etobicoke Centre Ward 4:  Ford got 14,573 and Smitherman got 4,728.
Etobicoke-Lakeshore Ward 5: Ford got 13,789 with Smitherman got 7,673 votes.
Etobicoke-Lakeshore Ward 6: Ford got 11,915 and Smitherman picked up 5,894.
York WestWard 7:  Ford got 7,041 votes with Smitherman had 2,233 votes.
York West Ward 8: Ford got 5,303 votes and 2,502 for Smitherman.
York Centre Ward 9: Ford got 7,045 votes and Smitherman got 2,155 votes.
York Centre Ward 10: Ford picked up 9,772 votes and Smitherman got 4,458 votes.
York South-Weston Ward 11: Ford got 9,619 votes and Smitherman 3,511.
York South-Weston Ward 12: Ford got 7,536 votes and Smitherman got 2,747.

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George Smitherman came second in mayoral race.

Parkdale-High Park Ward 13: Smitherman won this ward with 10,232 while Ford got 7,679.
Parkdale-High Park Ward 14: Smitherman won this ward with 7,949 while Ford got4,788.
Eglinton-Lawrence Ward 15:  Ford got 8,923 and Smitherman got 4,282.
Eglinton-Lawrence Ward 16: Smitherman got 9,505 and Ford got 8,074.
Davenport Ward 17: Ford got 6,006 and Smitherman got 4,407.
Davenport Ward 18: Smitherman took this one with 5,697 and Ford got 3,973.
Trinity-Spadina Ward 19: this was mayoral candidate Joe Pantalone’s home ward as councillor for 29 years but he came second here with 5,801. Smitheman came first here with 9,732 and Ford came third with 4,630.
Trinity-Spadina Ward 20: overwhelmingly Smitherman here with 13,151 and Ford got 5,476.
St. Paul’s Ward 21: another win here for Smitherman with 8,979 votes and Ford got 5,818.
St. Paul’s Ward 22: Smitherman took this one with 13,411 votes compared to Ford’s 7,903 votes.
WillowdaleWard 23: Ford got 10,959, Smitherman 8,055.
Willowdale Ward 24:  Ford got 9,670, Smitherman 6,181 votes.
Don Valley West Ward 25: a close one here: Ford edged ahead with 9,865 and Smitherman got 9,138.
Don Valley West Ward 26: Ford got 8,322 votes just edging out Smitherman with 8,272 votes.
Toronto Centre Rosedale Ward 27:  this ward and the one below made up the riding Smitherman represented provincially. Smitherman won handily here with 17,335 votes with Ford grabbing 7,068.
Toronto Centre Rosedale Ward 28: Smitheman 12,513 votes and Ford got 4,937.
Toronto-Danforth Ward 29:  Smitherman 7,658 and Ford got 6,493.
Toronto-Danforth Ward 30: Smitherman got 10,492 votes here and Ford 5,106.
Beaches-East York Ward 31: Ford won here 7,942 and Smitherman got 6459.
Beaches-East York Ward 32: Smitherman got 11,812 and Ford got 7,639.
Don Valley East Ward 33: Ford got 7,525 and Smitherman picked up 4,465.
Don Valley East Ward 34: Ford 8,581 and Smitherman 5,403.
Scarborough Southwest Ward 35: Ford 9,390 and Smitherman picked up 4,288.
Scarborough Southwest Ward 36: Ford 9,606 and Smitherman picked up 5,682 votes.
Scarborough Centre Ward 37: Ford got 10,809 more than double the votes of Smitherman with 4,892.
Scarborough Centre Ward 38: Ford got 10,509 and Smitherman 5,107 votes.
Scarborough-AgincourtWard 39: Ford got 9,519 and Smitherman got 3,438.
Scarborough-Agincourt Ward 40: Ford won here by a wide margin with 10,094 votes compared to 4,208 for Smitherman.
Scarborough-Rouge RiverWard 41: Ford got 11,382 votes and Smitherman 4,638.
Scarborough-Rouge River Ward 42: Ford got 10,071 and Smitherman got 6,798 votes.
Scarborough EastWard 43: Ford got 8,818 and Smitherman got 4,557 votes.
Scarborough East Ward 44: Ford got 12,660 double that of Smitherman’s 6262 votes.
If you really want to know not just where Ford and Smitherman got their votes (which wards) but the poll addresses in each ward (you can see if your poll in your ward elected Smitherman, Ford or Pantalone, etc). Click here for a list of poll addresses in each ward. And check this link where Patrick Cain makes it easy to see where Ford, Pantalone and Smitherman got their poll by poll within each of the city’s 44 wards.


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  1. Check this link where Patrick Cain makes it easy to see where Ford, Pantalone and Smitherman got their votes in a poll by poll breakdown within each of the city’s 44 wards. If you use the “zoom in” feature on the map you can see the street locations of each polling station and then click on the map to see a pie chart of vote breakdowns for the top three and other (the remaining 37 mayoral candidates combined as other).

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