Toronto councilors and mayor elected

Rob Ford elected new mayor
Some incumbent councillors lose
New faces on 45-member city council
Kris Scheuer

Mayor-elect Rob Ford at the Town Crier's editorial board. Town Crier file photo.

Here’s a run down of the winners, upsets, and top place results for the Oct. 25 vote.
Of the possible 1,546,732 eligible voters, voter turnout was about 52.6 percent, which is up from the 2006 election with 39.3 percent.
RESULTS: Toronto here’s your new mayor and 44 councillors.
Are you pleased with the results for mayor and council seats? Please let me know…
Mayor-elect is Rob Ford with 383,501 votes for 47.11 percent followed by George Smitherman in second with 289,832 for 35.6 percent, according to the city’s website. Of course, 38 other mayoral candidates were on the ballot and results for each can be found here and may vary as the city updates the election results.
Here are the councillors-elect for all 44 wards with a list of each winner and closest runner-up. For a full list of all candidates votes in each race, click here.
Etobicoke-North Ward 1:  Vincent Crisanti won with 40.75% of the vote ousting incumbent councillor Suzan Hall, who got 36.96%.

In Etobicoke-North Ward 2: Councillor Rob Ford vacated this ward to run (successfully) for mayor. Six people ran, and Rob Ford’s brother Doug Ford won with 71.679% and Cadigia Ali came a distant second with 13.28%.
Etobicoke-Centre Ward 3: Incumbent Doug Holyday won with 71.92% and Peter Kudryk came a distant second with 14.22%.
Etobicoke-Centre Ward 4: Incumbent Gloria Lindsay Luby got 46.9% and came close to being defeated by trustee John Campbell who ran for council here and got 45.42% with 309 votes separating the two.
Etobicoke-Lakeshore Ward 5: Incumbent Peter Milczyn squeaked by a victory with 41.16% of the vote and second-placer Justin Di Ciano got 40.70% with just 109 votes separating the two.
Etobicoke-Lakeshore Ward 6: Incumbent Mark Grimes won with 60.42% while candidate Jem Cain came second with 28.891%.
York-West Ward 7: Incumbent Giorgio Mammoliti was running for mayor but decided to seek re-election here instead winning with 43.79% and second-place candidate Nick Di Nizio got 29.54%.
York-Centre Ward 8: Incumbent Anthony Perruzza won with 41.46% against former ward  councillor Peter Li Preti with 38.37%.
York-West Ward 9: Incumbent Maria Augimeri won a tight race with 44.33 percent fending off Gus Cusimano in second spot with 43.6% with just 89 votes separating these two.

Ward 15 councillor elect-Josh Colle with his son Mackenzie on election night. Photo by Jim Humphrey/Town Crier.


York-Centre Ward 10: Had no incumbent as Councillor Mike Feldman didn’t run and 12 candidates ran. Trustee James Pasternak ran for the council seat here winning with 19.15% while Councillor Feldman’s assistant Nancy Oomen was runner-up with 16.89%.
York-Southwest Ward 11: Incumbent Frances Nunziata won commandingly with 66.78% and Fulvio Sansone got 14.5% as the closest competitor.
York-Southwest Ward 12: Incumbent Frank Di Giorgio won a close race with 27% and Nick Dominelli got 23.9%.
Parkdale-High Park Ward 13: Sarah Doucette won with 47% by ousting incumbent Bill Saundercook with 36.7%.
Parkdale-High Park Ward 14: incumbent Gord Perks held onto his seat with 51.8% and Ryan Hobson with 16.97% as the closest rival candidate.
Eglinton-Lawrence Ward 15: Josh Colle won here with 40.375% and Rob Davis came second with 32.691% in a race with no incumbent as Councillor Howard Mosoce didn’t run.

Ward 16 Councillor Karen Stintz celebrates her victory with husband Daryll Parisien and son Jackson. Photo by Brian Baker/Town Crier.

Eglinton-Lawrence Ward 16:  Incumbent Karen Stintz kept her seat again with 60.76% and Terry Mills ran hard for 22.21% for second.
Davenport Ward 17: Incumbent Cesar Palacio won with 42.81% against a real push from Jonah Schein with 33.58% in second.
Davenport Ward 18:  No incumbent as Adam Giambrone did not run, so Ana Bailão won with 43.75% and Kevin Beaulieu got 34.23% as the closest next candidate.
Trinity-Spadina Ward 19:  Mike Layton captured this seat with 45.38% and Karen Sun got 20.92% in this crowed race with no incumbent as Joe Pantalone ran and came third for mayor.
Trinity-Spadina Ward 20:  Incumbent Adam Vaughan got an overwhelming 74.52% of the vote while Mike Yen got 16.28%.
St. Paul’s Ward 21: incumbent Joe Mihevc got 56.24% with Shimmy Posen taking 30.5% for second place.
St. Paul’s Ward 22: Josh Matlow scored a win here with 52.39% in a hard-fought race with Chris Sellors in second with 35.4% with no incumbent as veteran Councillor Michael walker retires.
Willowdale Ward 23: incumbent John Filion is back with a 65.85% victory over second place finisher Dusan Kralik with 11.83%.

Defeated Councillor Cliff Jenkins congratulates Ward 25 councillor-elect winner Jaye Robinson. Photo by Tyler Edwards/Town Crier.

Willowdale Ward 24: incumbent David Shiner won with 58.38% over Sonny Cho at 27.66% as the closest competitor.
Don Valley West Ward 25: Jaye Robinson won with 45.94% beating the incumbent Cliff Jenkins who got 43.02%.
Don Valley west Ward 26: incumbent John Parker won a hard contest with 31.27% against Jon Burnside with 29.18% and third place finisher Mohamed Dhanani with 28.37% and four others capturing the remaining 10%.
Toronto-Centre Rosedale Ward 27: Kristyn Wong-Tam pulled off a victory with 28.27% in a crowded field of 15 candidates and no incumbent as Kyle Rae retires. A close second place went Ken Chan with 26.54%.
Toronto-Centre Rosedale Ward 28: incumbent Pam McConnell won handily with 62.85% over closest rival Howard Bortenstein with 19.73%.
Toronto-Danforth Ward 29: Mary Fragedakis won with 41.81% over Jane Pitfield with 27.94% and Jennifer Wood with 24.02% with three others picking up the remaining votes in a race where incumbent Case Ootes did not run.
Toronto-Danforth Ward 30: incumbent Paula Fletcher scratched out a victory with 45.35% of the vote with just 259 votes more than Liz West with 44.01% of the vote.
Beaches-East York Ward 31: incumbent Janet Davis won overwhelmingly with 63.27%  as Robert Walker came second with 11.01%. 

Council-elect Mary-Margaret McMahon won in Ward 32. Photo by Shawn Star/Town Crier.

Beaches-East York Ward 32: Mary-Margaret McMahon won with a commanding 65.14% over incumbent Sandra Bussin who got 25.77%.

Don Valley East Ward 33: incumbent Shelley Carroll got 57.65% for a win over Fil Giannakopoulos with 20.22%.
Don Valley East Ward 34: incumbent Denzil Minnan-Wong captured 53.4% compared to Peter Youngren with 39.61%.
Scarborough Southwest Ward 35: Michelle Berardinetti won with 50.45% beating incumbent Adrian Heaps with 36.62%.
Scarborough Southwest Ward 36: school trustee Gary Crawford won this council seat with 25.24% over Robert Spencer with 22.82% in a race with no incumbent as Brian Ashston retired.
Scarborough Centre Ward 37:  incumbent Michael Thompson won with a whopping 83.63% over Isabelle Champagne with 8.6%.
Scarborough Centre Ward 38: incumbent Glenn De Baeremaeker got 62.44% winning over Glenn Middleton.
Scarborough Agincourt Ward 39: incumbent Mike Del Grande got 68.18% over Kevin Xu with 24.99%.
Scarborough Agincourt Ward 40:
incumbent Norm Kelly got 74% while Ken Sy got 11.49%.
Scarborough-Rouge River Ward 41: incumbent Chin Lee got 70.6% with Patricia Sinclair rounding out second place with 15.28%.
Scarborough-Rouge River Ward 42: incumbent Raymond Cho got 52.93% and Neethan Shan took 33.65%.
Scarborough East Ward 43: incumbent Paul Ainslie got 60.55% compared to John Laforet with 28.8%.
Scarborough East Ward 44: incumbent Ron Moeser won a tight race with 47.45% and a 284 vote margin over Diana Hall with 46.13% of all ballots.

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