High Park Cherry Blossoms in Toronto 2015

Looking to see the Cherry Blossoms at Toronto’s High Park before the flowers are gone for 2015?
Better go now. They reached the peak this week (Wed May 6) and I saw some lovely blooms today but there are only days left before they are gone ’til next spring.

Cherry Blossoms 1 2015
I took these three images of Cherry Blossoms on
Friday May 8, 2015 inside High Park, in Toronto.

Cherry Blossoms 3 2015

The trees I was enjoying, along with many others of all ages, are located near the Jamie Bell Adventure Park playground inside High Park.

Cherry Blossoms 2 2015

There are many more of these trees on a hill near Grenadier Restaurant. Check out this online map that shows where to find these lovely trees inside High Park.
Want to see more online images of these trees in High Park? Check this
BlogTO post and TripAdvisor and a post I wrote in 2010.
Regardless of if you make it High Park this spring or not, enjoy spring in Toronto.


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