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  1. Hey.
    As a long-time Toronto-Center resident and life-time Torontonian, I’m curious: What could you provide as MP that Bob Rae could/would not for us?

  2. Sharagim,
    Why do you think the NDP is not committed to your riding in York West? Is it the candidate they are running for the federal election that makes you doubt how serious they are of winning in your riding?
    In terms of your question of what I am doing to change that: I am a political reporter so I am telling people who their choices are. I am happy of you and others turn out to vote. But I am not working, nor have I ever, for any political party. You have to decide if you vote with your heart (NDP) or vote for who you think may well win in the riding (Liberal in your case). It is a predicament many voters find themselves in. As you most likely know, the NDP is running candidate Giulio Manfrini</a while the Liberals are going with incumbent Judy Sgro. In the 2008 race, Liberal Sgro got 59.38% to the same NDP candidate Giulio Manfrini who came second with 18.73%. But looking back at the 2006 federal race, Judy Sgro got 63.78% and then NDP candidate Sandra Romano Anthony came third with 14%.
    So the NDP actually improved its showing in 2008 and is running the same candidate again, which can increase name recognition and votes. Let me know anymore thoughts you have on the York West race.

  3. Peter MacQuarie

    Kris, I guess you’ve gone now for full censorship, eh? What’s that about, are you a communist? Peter

    • Peter, no I am not a communist. Thanks for asking. But I can “censor” comments on my blog. That’s the way it works. If you start a blog, you can do the same. The reason I didn’t publish your 1 comment because yet again you raised the same concerns you raised to me in the last 12 comments I did print of yours. And previously I answered your comments and I guess you are unsatisfied because you repeat the same question again.
      You have asked me to do a story on whether or not the new TTC chair Karen Stintz has flip-flopped on her commitment to Transit City.

      As I have explained in my many previous responses to you, in the four transit articles I have written specifically about Transit City since the election, I was tasked by the Town Crier editors with focusing on what is happening with the Eglinton, Finch and Sheppard LRT lines as they are local to our readers and we are local papers. So I interviewed several councillors including, Josh Colle, Josh Matlow, Joe Mihevc and Karen Stintz, plus Gary Webster TTC gen manager, attended a press conference with mayor Rob Ford, included emails from residents for and against Transit City and a colleague also spoke to residents “streeters” to ask what they want to see happen.
      If you remain unsatisfied with the articles I have written for the Town Crier and posted here and are unsatisfied with my many responses to you, please write a letter to the Town Crier editors at or city editor Karolyn Coorsh or our online editor Gord Cameron
      I look forward to reading new comments from you on something new rather than the same criticism you have of me that I have printed many times, responded to many times and I have no new answer for you.

    • Peter MacQuarie

      Oh, I think you lie Kris.
      You could let your readership decide for themselves if you allowed my post.
      I suspect you won’t do that though.

      • Peter, I am confused by your comment. I said in a previous comment for all to read, that I didn’t allow 1 of your posted comments, so I already let readers know that I didn’t publish one of your comments. So I disclosed that. Anyway, I printed more than a dozen similar comments from you on the exact same issue. I am satisfied that I have given you an open forum on my site. You have additional options available to you at the Town Crier to comment on the stories I posted here and wrote for them. Cheers, Kris.

    • I wonder what Peter MacQuarie’s problem is? You allowed him to make his point. But he wants you to agree with his position…and if you don’t you are a communist.
      Peter let it go this is getting old.

  4. Hey how about adding my web to your page for all candidates for ward 21 also do you remember me from last year.

    • Marius,
      I added your web link and good luck with your campaign. Yes of course I remember you from last year when you ran for the St. Paul’s provincial byelection in Sept. 17. We covered that race extensively including profiles, hosting an all-candidates debate you attended and election night coverage.

  5. When you have a minute check out my site – I am running in Ward 13.

  6. I will do what needs be done if it makes me unpopular so be it. I am elected to work for the people of the city not the bureaucracy. I will vote as I believe I will not vote strategically. I have aligence to no party or ideology. I am a free thinker

    • Eric, good luck as a council candidate in ward 28. I admire that you are a free thinker and not tied to any specific ideology, etc. But on a practical level, if you aren’t willing to support other councillors, when you agree with them of course in some strategic voting to get issues passed.
      Then you will find others will be less willing to support your great ideas. So some amount of compromise is necessary to get anything done at city hall. There are, in theory anyway 44 councillor and the mayor, who are all independent thinkers. No officially parties or group votes. So finding councillors who are willing to support you on an issue by issue basis and doing the same for colleagues is essential to get anything done for the very reason that there is no political “party” system that votes as a block. Some say that the so called NDP and so called Conservatives on council vote as a block. But that is only true sometimes.

      • Eric, So you can vote your conscious or mind on any issue. But if you are 2/3 of the way in agreement on an issue up for a vote, you can add friendly amendments/motions that make it more favourable to your beliefs but without the majority of councillors on side with you – your amendments/issues won’t ever get passed. So compromise is key. Or as some say, you have to know which battles are worth fighting for and which are better left to fight for another day. In other words, if you vote no on almost every issue as Coun. Rob Ford does, for example, you will find very little support on your pet projects in return. That’s how it goes when you are a playing a team sport like politics. But don’t take my word for it. Ask other councillors or current politicians what they think.

  7. Kris,Thank you for the story regarding my running for Council in Ward 32.
    I am sorry for one thing, your father would be very disappointed in your skills with a camera. Prior to your taking my picture I informed you that airbrushing would not be enough, sandblasting would be better. After seeing the picture of myself that you used I am now going through the yellow pages to find a company that can sandblast me in advance.

    • Bruce,
      you don’t need a sandblaster. Just a better photographer. I am a writer and clearly my dad’s talent as a photographer did not rub off on me.
      Before your campaign is up, I would suggest you get a a few good pics you can email media for the stories they write so you don’t have to rely on photogs like me.

  8. Thanks Kris for your reply
    I like to know if you know or can you find out for me if City Hall will have debates on the mayor race for the unknown and known want to be mayors out there. We can do this on weekends as people work during the week.
    City Hall does not have to be bias but just let the public know who’s out there and their ideas .
    That’s why I wanted to start a television station in Toronto so everybody knows who they are.
    We need the best Mayor out there the world is watching .

    Thanks again
    John Letonja

    • John,
      No City Hall (City of Toronto) doesn’t host any mayoralty debates. That is up to others to sponsor or host such as media (print and broadcast), residents and businesses associations, non-profits, activists, etc.
      In the past Rogers Cable 10 here in Toronto has had (free access) to air time for all local candidates running for city council closer to the election date. It’s something like 2 minutes per candidate where they can each say who they are, why they are running and a message about themselves that air on Rogers. I can’t remember if they do the same for all mayoral candidates.
      As well, the TV show Goldhawk Live (On Rogers Cable 10 7 p.m Mon-Thurs) often holds 1-hour long shows with local and mayoral candidates can answer queries from callers and the host Dale Goldhalk’s questions. I am not sure how they choose which candidates to have on that program, but if you check the link for the show the producer’s phone number is there so you can call and ask.

  9. Hi Kris can you change the link for my website its I have to used my company website I paid for the other website but it did not work for me no matter what I did.

    Say why don’t you run for council I need a good woman to work with or you can be Mayor but there is a lot of want to be mayors out there including me.

    Thanks Kris

    • John, I have updated all my posts that refer to the mayor’s race with you new web site. Good luck. And I am leaving running in the election to others so I can write about it. That’s exciting enough.

  10. Good morning Kris:
    I am seriously considering taking a run for school trustee in St. Pauls if Shelley Laskin chooses not to run again. I am experience elementary school administrator in St. Paul riding for over twenty years. I have a full understanding of the needs of our students in this riding. I have surveyed my support and have concluded my support would be very strong. Therefore, a final decision will be made sometime in March.

  11. Where is your office at Toronto city hall located? I’d like to drop by and buy you some peanut butter on toast.

  12. Hi Chris,
    that is a great idea. Any specific place I should start to look at accessible washrooms, such as TTC, malls, restaurants?

  13. Could you do a story on Accessibilty in public washrooms? I find when I go into one, the soap is on the back wall which makes it impossible for me to reach. Even the door leading into the washroom has a sign stating accessible but it can’t be opened with one hand and a wheelchair that moves at the same time.

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