Daily Archives: October 18, 2010

Toronto advance voting increased

Will 2010 voter turnout be up from 39 percent in 2006?
Over 77,000 make ballots in advance polls, increase over ’06
Oct. 25 is election day, get out and vote
Kris Scheuer

Let’s face it. Voter turnout is shamefully low. In 2006, overall turnout was 39.3 percent.
But there’s encouraging news so far: in the advance polls for the 2010 race a total of 77,397 people turned out.
That represents an 82 percent increase in advance voting compared to 2006.
Of course, if you are like me and are waiting to vote on election day Mon. Oct 25 polls are open from 10 am to 8 pm at 1,562 locations across the city.
To find out where to vote in your area go the city’s election site and click on where do I vote? Or call 311 to ask. On election day, bring your voter registration card (if you were mailed one) plus ID and proof of address.
There are a total of 476 candidates running for council, mayor and school board for 84 elected positions at city hall and Toronto school boards.
So are you planning to vote on election day or have you voted already? What would encourage you to vote?