Ben Nobleman Park orchard opens

Cherry, pear and plum trees planted at public park in Toronto

Laura Reinsborough and Susan Poizner.

By Kris Scheuer
Ben Nobleman Park is now home to the city’s first urban orchard.
The park directly opposite Eglinton West subway station now has fruit trees.
Three of each of the fruit-baring trees were planted in the public green space in early June, said Susan Poizner, who came up with the idea after seeing something similar in B.C.
“It’s so beautiful,” said Poizner, founder of Growing for Green. “The trees look fantastic.”
“It’s about having a dream and seeing it through,” said Poizner, who lives near Ben Nobleman Park.
She has partnered up Laura Reinsborough, founder of Not Far From the Tree, to harvest the trees when they bare fruit.

The city’s parks department is also on board with planting the trees, helping set up irrigation and endorsing the project on public land.
“It’s about producing local food. It’s a great way to bring the community together,” she said.
While the exciting part may be seeing the trees bear fruit, which could take between two and three years, Poizner is already thrilled.
“Nature is beautiful to witness,” she said. “I look forward to seeing the trees grow.”
The group has a grant from Wal-Mart Evergreen to upgrade the irrigation system and received seed money to start the project from Carrot Cache.
The group is looking for people to help care for the trees with regular watering and mulching.
(I wrote this June 18 for Town Crier. Photo provided courtesy of Susan Poizner of her and Laura Reinsborough at the orchard in June/09.)


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