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Legal dump sites during strike

On July 3, 21 temp trash sites with two at capacity
As of July 24, now 26 sites with 7 shut down as strike drags on

By Kris Scheuer
(I wrote this originally July 3, but UPDATED it July 24.)
If you can’t store your trash anymore, there are 26 temporary garbage sites at your disposal. The newspaper I work for, the Town Crier has a MAP of all the dump.

Here’s the lowdown.
Officially 19 dumps opened on June 25, but seven dumps have opened since then to replace seven trash sites that reached capacity.
Another option is to drop off garbage at the city’s seven waste transfer stations.

And please don’t dump trash illegally. Not only does it look bad, but the city has issued 209 tickets so far starting at $380 a pop. Meanwhile dumping legally is free. I have also listed all the sites for your convenience.
Temporary dump sites (updated as of July 24).

Two new ones open July 25 as of 7 a.m.
-Amesbury Arena, in the parking lot at 155 Culford Rd., south of Lawrence Ave. W., enter off Culford Rd.
-Otter Creek Centre in the tennis courts at 140 Cheritan Ave., south of Lawrence Ave. W., enter off Rosewell Ave.

Three more temp trash depots opened July 15:
-Clairlea Park Arena – parking lot at 45 Fairfax Crescent west of Warden Ave., north of St. Clair Ave. E.
-Campbell Park – outdoor rink at 225 Campbell Avenue (near Lansdowne and Dupont). Enter off Campbell Ave., north of Wallace Ave.
-L’Amoreaux Park – parking lot at 100 Silver Springs Blvd. east of Birchmount Rd., north of Finch Ave. E.

Two new ones opened July 3:
-Centennial Arena Community Centre1967 Ellesmere Rd. Enter off Dolly Varden Blvd., south of Ellesmere.
-Wilket Creek/Sunnybrook Park at 1132 Leslie St. Enter off Leslie St. just north of Eglinton Ave. E and proceed to the southern-most parking lot.

Sites opened June 25:
-Eglinton Flats (1) Enter off Eglinton Ave., east of Jane St.
-Eglinton Flats (2) Enter off Emmett Ave., west of Jane St.
-Sir Casimir Gzowski Park. Parking area south of Lake Shore Blvd. W., west of Sunnyside Park (must be east-bound on Lake Shore to access).
-Sunnyside Park. Parking area south of Lake Shore Blvd. W., between Ellis Ave. and Colborne Lodge Dr. (must be east-bound on Lake Shore to access.)
-Etienne Brulé Park Old Mill Rd. at Catherine St., east of Humber River.
-George Bell Arena at 215 Ryding Ave., south of St. Clair Ave. W., east of Runnymede Rd.
-Moss Park. South of Shuter St., north of Queen St. E., west of Sherbourne St.
-Herbert H. Carnegie Centennial Arena at 580 Finch Ave. W., in parking lot.
-Taylor Creek Park. Enter off Haldon Ave., in parking lot at end of roadway.
-Scarborough Arena at 75 Birchmount Rd., in parking lot.
-Villiers St. Paved roadway between Saulter St. and Cherry St.
-Highland Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant at 51 Beechgrove Dr. In parking lot at end of Beechgrove Dr.

Seven sites at capacity are now closed:
Christie Pits Enter off Crawford St., north of Bloor. SITE CLOSED as of July 5, at 7 p.m.
York Mills Arena at 2539 Bayview Ave., enter off York Mills Rd., east of Bayview. SITE CLOSED as of July 3.
Ted Reeve Arena, NE corner of Main St. & Gerrard St. E. Site CLOSED July 15.
Wishing Well Park, in parking lot. North of 401, west side Pharmacy Ave. (South of Sheppard Ave. E). Site CLOSED July 15.
Earlscourt Park, west side of Lansdowne Ave., north of Davenport Rd. Site CLOSED on July 15.
-North Toronto Memorial Arena. North of Eglinton Ave., east of Oriole Pkwy., enter off Edith Dr. Closed July 24 at 7 p.m.
-Caledonia Park at 1135 Caledonia Rd., in parking lot. Closed July 24 at 7 p.m


Strike suspends water tests for Toronto islands

City temporarily stops E.coli testing at four isle beaches

By Kris Scheuer
It’s swim at your own risk on the Toronto Islands at all four designated beaches at Hanlan’s Point, Gibraltar Point, Centre Island and Ward’s Island. Interestingly, Hanlan’s Point is a nude beach so for swimmers going without a bathing suit during the strike keep in mind there’s no city testing for E.coli levels in the water at this time.
Normally, the city does daily water tests at eleven designated city beaches including these four on the islands. But due to the strike that began June 22, water testing was suspended.
That is still the case on July 4, day 13 of the strike for the four island beaches plus two on the mainland at in the city’s east end at Rouge Beach, Marie Curtis Park East.
This doesn’t necessarily mean the beaches are polluted. In fact all four island beaches normally flap a Blue Flag, which is an international rating with 27 strict criteria. Continue reading

Sunnyside swimmable despite strike

Latest city water testing shows its safe for swim

By Kris Scheuer

The city was not doing daily water testing at the 11 designated swim spots during the strike. It has now resumed testing for E.coli levels, but twice a week only, at five beaches and Sunnyside is one of them. The city started a $1 million pilot project to install a “curtain” to make a section of this popular west end beach more swimmable. Pollution from the Humber River has made this beach one of the most polluted.
On July 4, the city’s most up-to-date posting of June 29 states it is safe for swimming. Check for updates on the city site.
Back on June 18, before the city strike began, I did a story for the Town Crier on local councillor Bill Saundercook jumping in the lake at Sunnyside with his wedding suit on. See the story here.

Woodbine water tests resume during strike

City conducts E.coli tests at five beaches
By Kris Scheuer
(July 22 update here)

Good news for beach dwellers in Toronto. The city has implemented modified water testing at five designated swim spots.
The city will test water for E.coli levels twice a week at the following beaches: Sunnyside, Cherry, Woodbine, Kew-Balmy and Bluffer’s Park.
This level of testing meets the protocol requirements for the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, according to the city’s website.
Twice weekly, the site is updated so people can see where it’s safe for swimming.
Another six beaches  Rouge, Marie Curtis Park East, Hanlan’s Point, Gibraltar Point, Centre Island, and Ward’s Island have gotten no water testing at all since the strike began June 22. Here it is swim at your own risk, states the city, but there are lifeguards for safety reasons.
When I checked July 4, the latest city update was posted on June 30 and reflected E.coli levels for June 29.
For results see below.
Red means unsafe to swim, green safe to swim and yellow means no city water testing so swim at your own risk.
If you click on any of the beaches below, it will open a map of that swimming spot.

Not tested 1. Marie Curtis Park East Beach Don not swim 7. Cherry Beach
Swim 2. Sunnyside Beach Swim 8. Woodbine Beaches
Not tested 3. Hanlan’s Point Beach Swim 9. Kew – Balmy Beach
Not tested 4. Gibraltar Point Beach Swim 10. Bluffer’s Park Beach
Not tested 5. Centre Island Beach Not tested 11. Rouge Beach
Not tested 6. Ward’s Island Beach