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Toronto trash full of recyclables

Residential trash 80 percent full of recyclables Town Crier audit shows
That’s prior to summer 2009 garbage strike
By Sandie Benitah, Kris Scheuer and Eric McMillan
(Originally published in Town Crier Feb. 07 as a follow-up to a Dec/05 story)

Eric McMillan sorts thru 40 bags of residential trash. Pile on right is recyclables.

A year later, nothing has changed.
At the end of 2005, a Town Crier analysis of household garbage showed about 80 percent of what we were throwing out as trash could easily have been recycled in blue boxes and green bins.
In the year since then the disposal of Toronto’s million tonnes of garbage has been a major issue, with fights over whether to incinerate it, ship it to Michigan or bury it near London.
Here’s a suggestion: Just recycle it.
Twelve months after our original survey, the Town Crier has found that — still — most of our so-called garbage is recyclable.
For two weeks reporters collected garbage bags left at residential curbsides in Toronto: 40 bags in total, five selected randomly from each of our eight coverage areas. Continue reading


Danforth Tech pool will be shut

Unlucky seven pools to be drained including Oakwood, Danforth
Another 13 swim facilities could also close by Dec 2009
By Kris Scheuer
(Originally written July 17 for Town Crier)

Danforth's pool will be closed ASAP. Photo by Kris Scheuer/Town Crier.

With 20 school pools saved and seven shut for good, swim advocates are focusing on doing CPR on 13 facilities in danger of drowning.
The fate of pools at Danforth CI, Oakwood CI, Parkdale CI, Bickford Centre, Central Commerce, Bloor CI and Western Tech’s Ursula Franklin aresealed. The Toronto District School Board voted to drain them, which will save $1.1 million in operating costs. The aquatic working group, headed by former mayor David Crombie, is now turning their efforts to 13 pools on a conditional list including Monarch Park, Queen Alexandra PS, Jarvis CI and Downsview SS. Continue reading