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Toronto’s garbage dumps may soon overflow

City strike means 21 temp trash sites set up, two already at capacity
Others are nearing 90 percent full, city waste manager says

By Kris Scheuer
(For the latest on dumps, see my July 24 story)
t’s day 16 of the strike and the city’s temporary dumps are filling up fast.
Locations are full between 15 and 90 percent depending on the size of the neighbourhood trash site. 
“We are (on average) between 40 and 50 percent capacity,” Geoff Rathbone, general manager of solid waste management, said at today’s media briefing.
“There’s a range from teens to 80-90 percent.”
He wouldn’t specify which dumps are closest to being full. 
Currently, the city has 21 trash depots in neighbourhoods across Toronto. Two sites have been closed because they’ve already reached capacity. 
The government is monitoring the remaining locations daily to determine when another dump will be filled to the max, said Rathbone July 7.
If the city needs to close sites and add new ones, it has close to 200 locations to choose from in a pinch.
That’s because prior to the June 22 walkout, the city submitted a list of about 200 potential dump sites to the Ministry of Environment.
“Our certificate of approval covers all those sites,” he said. Continue reading