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New garbage dumps during city strike

There’s 24 trash sites including three new ones opening tomorrow
But five locations at capacity, leaving just 19 for legal dumping

By Kris Scheuer
(For July 24 update on open and shut dumps, click here.)
It’s day 24 of Toronto’s strike. Here’s the latest on where to throw trash legally.
The newspaper I work for the Town Crier posted an updated map of all locations.
I have also listed them all below. Temporary dump sites: Continue reading


Toronto strike trashes St. Clair

I counted 196 bags of garbage dumped on sidewalks along the Toronto strip
The trash was observed between Dufferin and Bathurst strike day 23

St Clair-Oakwood 2.jpg
This massive pile was at Oakwood and St. Clair the afternoon of July 14.
Photo by Kris Scheuer/Town Crier.

By Kris Scheuer
(Published July 15/09 for the Town Crier.)
It’s day 23 of the garbage strike and St. Clair Ave. West between Dufferin and Bathurst streets is starting to stink from illegally dumped trash. 
On July 14, I walked along St. Clair from Bathurst to Dufferin streets to see how the strip was holding up and found 196 large and small bags of garbage dumped on the sidewalk plus nine cardboard boxes of discarded waste.
I did not include trash being stored on properties of businesses or apartments, nor did I count random litter, including pop cans, milk cartons and water bottles, scattered along St. Clair in my tally.
This section of the road mainly consists of some low-rise residential buildings, two and three-storey streetfront shops, grocers and restaurants with apartments above. None of them are getting garbage pick-up during the strike however there is a temporary, legal dump at Earlscourt Park, located at St. Clair Ave. West and Lansdowne Ave. Continue reading

Toronto cracks down on illegal dumping

City has issued thousands of fines, hundreds of tickets during garbage strike

By Kris Scheuer
(Originally published July 15/09 for the Town Crier.)
Some Torontonians are not bothering to take waste to temporary mini-trashe sites and are dumping garbage instead.
Now the city is cracking down.
“We have now issued 328 fines and over 6,800 warnings have been issued,” Geoff Rathbone, general manager of solid waste management services said at a July 15 city press conference. “Many of those have been issued at the temporary drop off sites and transfer stations but also on streets.”
Leisa Tjoeng, a spokesperson for the city, specified that 6,849 illegal dumping warnings had been issued as of the morning of July 15. Fines start at $380 a pop.
While the city is not removing garbage from temporary neighbourhood dumps, the city is cleaning up litter and illegally dumped trash during the labour disruption where possible.
Rathbone added, “We are using our management staff at both transfer stations and temporary drop off sites and where resources allow on streets to clean litter for special events and on a periodic basis on regular streets.”

Ted Reeve Arena dump at capacity

Garbage strike rages on and three more trash sites close

Kris Scheuer
Beach residents looking for a place to legally throw their trash on day 24 of the Toronto’s labour disruption will find Ted Reeve Arena’s temp dump site closed today.
As well as the local arena, two more sites were closed July 15. At the same time three new ones opened. Click here for full story I reported today for the Town Crier newspaper.
However garbage will remain at the parking lot at this arena until the strike, which began June 22, is over.
That may or may not be good news for fans attending professional wrestling matches on July 24-25 at the indoor arena near Main and Gerrard.
The Death Before Dishonor VII series at the local arena is a hot ticket item attracting fans locally and also south of the border.
In fact, news of Toronto’s strike was a hot topic on an online message board for Ring of Honor. See that story here.

Toronto adds garbage dumps during strike

Three new dumps at Clairlea Park Arena, Campbell Park, L’Amoreaux Park
And trash sites shut at Earlscourt Park, Ted Reeve Arena Wishing Well Park

By Kris Scheuer
(Written July 15/09 for Town Crier. For July 24 UPDATE click here.)

Three more neighbourhood garbage dumps have reach capacity at Earlscourt Park, Ted Reeve Arena and Wishing Well Park forcing the city to close them tonight at 7 p.m.
In response a trio of new temporary trash locations will open tomorrow morning.
“All closed sites will continue to be patrolled round-the-clock by both security and city staff and all health and environmental protection measures will continue,” solid waste manager Geoff Rathbone said at a media briefing this afternoon.
Starting on July 16 at 7 a.m. three new temporary trash sites will open:
Clairlea Park Arena in the parking lot at near Warden and St. Clair Aves.
Campbell Park outdoor rink at 225 Campbell Ave. near Dupont St. and Lansdowne Ave.
L’Amoreaux Park’s parking lot at 100 Silver Springs Blvd. east of Birchmount Rd. and north of Finch Ave. East.
For an updated map of the sites, click here.

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