A day in the life of Toronto 2

What I learned about T.O in 24 hours

By Kris Scheuer

Here are two things I was told or observed about this city and Torontonians on July 3. It’s day 12 of the labour disruption and I wrote three stories on the strike impact today for the paper I work for the Town Crier. So much of what influenced my thoughts on this fair city is tied up in the strike.

1. Animals like dumps more than people do. I was at a press conference at Metro Hall today when Geoff Rathbone, head of the city’s garbage department, announced the closing of two temporary dumps at Christie Pits and York Mills Arena. Read more here. But the catch is even though these trash sites are at capacity, the garbage won’t be picked up until after the strike ends. Friends of Christie Pits have been protesting the dump on their street since before it officially opened June 25. Meanwhile the city’s medical officer of health Dr. David McKeown announced today bugs and rodents are going to move in to the trash sites unless officials can continue spraying pesticides when needed.2. Litter cleaned up even during strike. Yesterday, I saw hundreds of pages of newspapers scattered at a transit stop on College near Manning. The mess was still there this morning at 8:45 and I was even planning to take a photo to post. But by 9:15 tonight someone, perhaps a business owner, had completely cleaned up every piece of newsprint that was blown across a city block. It was a wonderful sight to see, especially during a garbage strike when litter is on the rise.


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