Toronto a day in the life 5

What I learned about the city in the past 24 hours
Transit isn’t perfect especially when it breaks down
By Kris Scheuer

Streetcar rolls along College St. Love them when they are working. Photo by Kris Scheuer.

Streetcar rolls along College St. Love them when they are working. Photo by Kris Scheuer.

Here’s what happened on my way home tonight.
First of all, you need to know I am a TTC kind of girl. In fact, I don’t drive at all.
I have lived in downtown T.O all my life and never really needed to drive to get around the city.
While I have taken driving lessons, I never did book a road test.
The main reason I would get a license, to be honest, is as a journalist it can come in handy for the job.
So back to my story about transit. After waiting 20 minutes for a College streetcar to get home this evening, I was stranded. Okay, that’s a stretch but the transit driver did kick all of her passengers off her vehicle.She said there was a “disabled streetcar” in front of her. So because a streetcar broken down, the one I was on and any streetcars behind that can’t proceed.
I had to walk home with my work bag, gym bag and a cloth bag holding 4 litres of milk. So at least I work out, so the ten blocks left on my journey wasn’t that bad even though I was loaded down.
But let’s face it, streetcars are useless when there’s an accident or one breaks down. Eventually, word will get down the line and streetcars behind will divert onto another street.
This is where buses are far superior than streetcars because if there’s a problem, they can drive around another broken down transit car.

Has this happened to you? Have you been stranded by a short-turning streetcar, a broken down transit vehicle?
What’s the solution? Let me know ’cause I know you have transit stories….

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