Daily Archives: August 30, 2009

Toronto a day in the life 4

My observations about Toronto in the past 24 hours
By Kris Scheuer

Well when I wrote on Friday about my home city, I mentioned that weekend festivals are what summer in this city are all about.
So that’s exactly how I spent my Sunday.
I had a blast at Buskerfest at St. Lawrence Market near Front and Church. I lucked out and happened to be there to see a husband and wife acrobatic team from Australia here to perform in the annual street performers’ fest. They were called Dream State Circus and were awesome. They showed off strength and showmanship. They did tricks like having Sophie stand on top of her husband Jacob’s head while they both juggle three wands of fire a piece.
My friend and I also stopped to listen to a four piece rock band playing at the fest.
Then we spent some time at Pedestrian Sundays in Kensington Market near Nassau and College. There were at least four different musical acts going on simultaneously in different areas of the market. My fav was a salsa percussion group. It was Samba Elegua and tehy have a lot of energy and had the crowd grooving to their sound.
It was a great way to spend a cool Sunday in the city.