Michael Walker to announce political future

Toronto councillor vows to make his decision in March
Walker openly considers retiring from politics but may run again
By Kris Scheuer
(Written Feb 19 for Town Crier. UPDATE here.)

Councillor Michael Walker

Councillor Michael Walker.

North Toronto representative Michael Walker plans to make an announcement in March about his career at city hall.
As of March 3, Walker had yet to register for re-election in St. Paul’s Ward 22.
He’s openly talked to the Town Crier about the possibility of his retiring after 28 years as an elected official.
“I may need to make my decision by the end of March,” said Walker in mid-February. “I am leaning towards running, but everything is so fluid (at city hall).”
Walker was referring to how quickly things can change in politics citing the example of Davenport councillor Adam Giambrone.
Giambrone registered as a mayoral candidate on Feb. 1 and by Feb. 10 announced he was stepping down from that race due to a sex scandal.
No such scandal plaques St. Paul’s Councillor Walker, who was first elected in 1982, he’s just considering if it’s time to bow out.
As of March 3, trustee Josh Matlow was the only registered candidate for the local seat.


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