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Junior Academy wall may mean trees lost

Private school ordered to put up wall for privacy, noise barrier
Complying could mean trees damaged and cut down in process
Kris Scheuer
(Written for Town Crier June 17.)

Junior Academy parent Marva Gragtmans's concerned if a masonry wall is built, trees could be cut down or injured in process. Photo by Kris Scheuer/Town Crier.

Junior Academy is in a quandary.
It was told by the Ontario Municipal Board to build a masonry wall between the school and its neighbours to lessen noise and increase privacy for residents next door.
However, to do that the school may have to remove five trees and damage 18 others says an arborist hired by the school.
“No one in the community benefits from the destruction of 10–12 trees,” said Junior Academy parent Marva Gragtmans. “In North Toronto we have a great canopy but we are losing old trees especially in storms.”
Instead, the school is proposing erecting a wooden fence to comply with the 2006 ruling which required the construction of a 2.4-metre high masonry wall at the Bayview and Lawrence facility. Continue reading

Cherry Blossoms at High Park

Toronto’s Cherry Blossoms in bloom attract crowds
High Park a zoo of people taking photos of flowering trees
By Kris Scheuer

I couldn’t resist visiting some of the 200 flowering Cherry Blossom trees at High Park on Saturday, April 24. I was there with my sister, niece, mom and brother. We weren’t the only ones. Hoards of couples, families and individuals armed with cameras took photos of the lovely sight.
Most of the trees I saw are on the hill above  Grenadier Pond and below/beside Grenadier Cafe.