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Toronto a day in the life 11

What I learnt, observed, heard in T.O this week
By Kris Scheuer

We are all pedestrians. This is a city slogan but it’s also true.
Personally, I walk or take TTC everywhere and am also a passenger in cars, but I don’t drive.
So I am painfully aware of the ten pedestrians who were struck and killed by vehicles in the GTA in the past eight days.
I watch, each time, before I step off streetcars because often vehicles speed by the open TTC doors. And I watch before I jaywalk mid-block to make my crossing safer.
The Toronto Star’s Christopher Hume has a terrific column today on the recent pedestrian deaths (nine when he wrote it) saying, “Had the cause been gang warfare, H1N1 or car crashes, the news would be on everyone’s lips.”
The Toronto police are encouraging people to step up safety awareness by pointing them to an online resource iNavigait.
What should we do to make the streets safer?


Gardiner Expressway faces possible demolition

By Kris Scheuer

Should the city tear down the Gardiner Expressway, replace it, improve it or leave it as is? That’s the multi-million-dollar question.
The city’s executive committee has approved the terms of reference for an environmental assessment to study options for a section of the expressway between the Don Valley Pkwy. and Jarvis St. 
Nothing’s been decided yet, but the message heard loud and clear is any changes will impact not just area residents but anyone who takes connecting routes to and from the Gardiner. 
Simon Wookey worries if the city tears down the expressway the traffic impact will be felt across Toronto. Continue reading