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Shimmy Posen ward 21 candidate

City construct projects on time and within budget
This is one of Posen’s promises, if elected

Kris Scheuer

(Written Aug 6 for Town Crier.)

Photo courtesy of Shimmy Posen.

Ward 21 candidate Shimmy Posen wants to fix city hall from the inside.
“We all know city hall is broken,” said Posen, who has a degree in political science. “We see it with cost overruns and delays with St. Clair right-of-way. We see it with the (2009) garbage strike and every dollar wasted.”
“The main issue is we need to address inefficiency in public transportation,” said Posen, who supports subways along Eglinton rather than the approved light rail transit.
“We need to reject the short sighted Eglinton LRT and build a long term subway instead,” said the local resident.

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