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G20 cops and protesters

Protesters on College, University meet huge police presence
Kris Scheuer
June 25

I took these pictures today between 5-5:45 pm as G20 protesters marched and chanted along College St and south on University Ave to Gerrard St where they were blocked by police from traveling further.

Cops on bikes tail a protest march along College St towards Queen's Park. By Kris Scheuer.

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Politician’s tale of son she gave up

Churley, right, with son Billy she gave up for adoption. Churely's daughter Astra.

Marilyn Churley relives son’s adoption in tell-all book
Former NDP pol helped create laws so it’s easier to reunite post adoption
By Kris Scheuer
(Originally published April 28/07 for Town Crier.)

In her first interview about her upcoming book, Marilyn Churley speaks about her personal journey of being a teen mother and re-uniting with the son she gave up for adoption in 1968.
The as-yet untitled book, which is scheduled to be released sometime this year by McClelland & Stewart, is a story about the former Toronto-Danforth MPP’s personal journey to find her son and about her political journey to make it easier for birth mothers and their adopted children to reconnect.
To understand Churley’s story, you have to journey back nearly 40 years. Churley, who was raised in Happy Valley, Labrador was attending university in Ottawa when she became pregnant at age 18. Continue reading