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St. Paul’s byelection vote breakdown

Liberal Eric Hoskins won, PC Sue-Ann Levy second place
Here is the final vote tally for all ten candidates in Sept. 17 vote
By Kris Scheuer

So by now you know that newly elected Liberal MPP Dr. Eric Hoskins pulled off a victory in last night’s byelection in St. Paul’s.
If you want more on that story, please read the article by myself and Town Crier newspaper colleague Brian Baker.
What did you think about this heated political battle between Hoskins and PC Sue-Ann Levy?
If you wondering how many votes each candidate got, I have the breakdown from Elections Ontario as of 12:20 am this morning. This is the final tally with all 238 polls reporting, but remains unofficial until verified by the Chief Electoral Officer. Continue reading

St. Paul’s byelection debate heated

Candidates answers questions on hot button issues at Town Crier debate
A chance for voters to grill candidates leading up to Sept. 17 byelection vote
By Kris Scheuer
(Written Sept. 11 for Town Crier)

John C. Turmel causes a disturbance in audience after voters chose not to direct questions to him. Photo by Francis Crescia/Town Crier.

PC Sue-Ann Levy voices concern over the Liberals' handling of eHealth. Photo by Francis Crescia/Town Crier.

Liberal Eric Hoskins shares his views at the debate. Photo by Francis Crescia/Town Crier.

The race to replace former MPP Michael Bryant in the riding of St. Paul’s heated up Sept. 10 at the Town Crier’s all-candidates debate.  Nine of the 10 registered candidates took to the stage in front of a standing-room-only crowd of some 350 raucous residents, business people and party supporters.
About 20 people in the audience peppered the candidates with questions about the environment, health care, education, homelessness and taxes.
The Town Crier kicked off the discussion by asking candidates to respond to concerns the proposed Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) would result in increased rents.
New Democrat Julian Heller said Premier Dalton McGuinty’s proposed HST was a bad policy. 
“The HST is the wrong tax at the wrong time. It’s unfair to seniors, students, unemployed and families,” said Heller, who has lived in the riding for 25 years and ran for MPP twice before. “And don’t be fooled it will be passed on to tenants through (utility) costs. It will result in an increase of three percent in tenant rents.” Continue reading

St. Paul’s byelection debate Sept 10

Tonight’s the night to hear from candidates
Byelection a week from today
By Kris Scheuer

The Town Crier paper is hosting a St. Paul’s all-candidates debate this evening and it should be a barn burner.
The seat in midtown Toronto is vacant as former MPP Michael Bryant stepped down in May to work for the city. He has since resigned that post while he awaits trail for an incident involving the death of cyclist Darcy Sheppard on Aug. 31. But that is another story.
Back to the debate on Sept. 10. It will be at the First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto at 175 St Clair Ave. West near Avenue Rd. Start time 7:30 pm although the candidates will be there at 7 pm to mingle with people.
Town Crier Editor-In-Chief Eric McMillan will be moderating and directing questions to the candidates and then there will be questions from the floor. Continue reading