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Howard Moscoe not seeking re-election

Veteran city councillors will withdraw Sept 1
Moscoe endorsing candidate Josh Colle
Kris Scheuer
(Written Aug. 31 for Town Crier.)

Councillor Howard Moscoe is calling it quits after 31 years in politics. Photo by Francis Crescia/Town Crier file.

It’s official. Veteran Councillor Howard Moscoe is withdrawing from the Ward 15 race.
“It’s true,” he told the Town Crier this afternoon. “I decided a few weeks ago.”
He sent out a newsletter to his community today announcing his retirement.
“It’s not that I don’t love the job,” said Moscoe. “I’ve been in public office for 31 years.”
Moscoe has represented at least some section of Eglinton-Lawrence’s Ward 15 that entire time.
Currently there are six candidates (Moscoe, Rob Davis, Ron Singer,William Reitsma, Giuseppe Pede and Josh Colle) registered in Ward 15. Moscoe said that he will be formally withdrawing Sept. 1. Continue reading


Why Tory isn’t a mayoral candidate

John Tory to help Toronto in other ways
But he will not be a candidate in city election
Kris Scheuer
(Written for Town Crier Aug 6.)

John Tory will contribute to city outside publicly-elected office.

While he says important issues aren’t being addressed by mayoral candidates, John Tory feels he can do more to help those causes from outside city hall.
“If you think these issues aren’t being addressed, as I do, then should I enter the race?” Tory said in an interview with the Town Crier after announcing that he won’t reconsider his decision not to run for mayor.
“I decided I regret those issues aren’t being addressed in debates, but I can continue to raise these issues and have some of the candidates on my  talk show,” said Tory, who host a radio show on NewsTalk 1010.
Top of his list of issues that should be on the election agenda for mayoral candidates are ways to improve the quality of life in the city’s high-needs, low-income priority neighbourhoods.
“There are hundreds of thousands of people in those neighbourhoods, who aren’t getting the hand up to get those jobs,” he said. “They can’t support their own family in a more effective manner. And we are missing their talents and abilities in growing our economy.” Continue reading

Shelley Carroll opts out of mayor’s race

North York councillor was contemplating mayoral run
Carroll registered today for re-election in her council seat
By Kris Scheuer

Toronto budget chief Shelley Carroll has made her decision.
After months of considering running for the city’s top political post, the Don Valley  East councillor registered this morning not as a mayoral candidate but for re-election in her ward 33.
To read the story I and my Town Crier colleague Karolyn Coorsh wrote about Shelley Carroll weighing her political options, click here.
Meanwhile as of mid-day Jan. 12, sixteen people have registered for the mayor’s seat.