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Victory for Liberals in St. Paul’s byelection

Eric Hoskins soundly defeats Sue-Ann Levy
Liberals hold onto riding vacated by Liberal Michael Bryant
By Brian Baker and Kris Scheuer
(Written Sept. 17 for Town Crier newspaper.)

Premier Dalton McGuinty congratulates Liberal Eric Hoskins in St. Paul's byelection victory. Photo by Francis Crescia/Town Crier.

In spite of some pundits expecting a close race in St. Paul’s, Liberal candidate Eric Hoskins cruised to an easy victory over his Progressive Conservative rival, well-known Toronto Sun columnist Sue-Ann Levy.
“I’m so humbled by the response of the residents of St. Paul’s,” Hoskins told the Town Crier while at the Sports Centre Cafe. “I’m overwhelmed, excited and it was a fantastic campaign.”
Hoskins took over 47 percent of the total vote and bested Levy by more than 4,700 votes (with 14 polls still to report).
While he was clearly enjoying his win he won’t be celebrating for too long as he says he has work to do.
“I think the next step is to open a constituency office so people know that I’m there, I’m accessible and the issues that are important to them, they know they can count on me to work with them,” he said. Continue reading

Women in public life

What obstacles do female politicians still face?
Panel discussion I am part of examines this very topic
(This column originally published April 23 for Town Crier.)

The Honourable Dr. Carolyn Bennett asked me to be part of a panel discussion on women in politics on March 27. 
You may know Bennett as the MP for St. Paul’s, but I use her official titles for a reason. One issue that was raised is the fact that media refer to female politicians by first names such as Belinda (Stronach), Kim (Campbell) or Sheila (Copps). And it’s less likely for a printed article to refer to a male politician by his first name only.
Keynote speaker, Sylvia Bashevkin, the principal of U of T’s University College, has written several books on women in politics. She spoke about instances in the past where female candidates have gone door knocking at dinnertime and when they presents their campaign literature, including a photo of their husband and kids, they have been asked who is feeding her family. 
The panel included another local political rep Don Valley West MPP Kathleen Wynne who, as a lesbian, was told she could not win in North Toronto back when she ran as a school trustee. Of course she has proved them wrong and as education minister also won re-election against a formidable challenger in John Tory, the former Ontario PC leader. 
For my part, I spoke to the 70 or so female students from Northern, Rosedale and other midtown high schools about my experience as a journalist writing about politics. Continue reading