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Toronto a day in the life 10

Politics, drunks sums up big city life
What I learned about Toronto this week
By Kris Scheuer

First let’s start with POLITICS.
The city’s election campaign begin Jan. 4 and in the first week where candidates can register so far: 14 have signed up for the mayoralty race, 43 candidates for councillor in 44 wards, eight people registered for public school board.
On an unrelated matter, I was riding the 506 Carlton streetcar last night around 9 pm when a Brit came aboard and started up a conversation. He asked about the book I was reading, The Bishop’s Man by Linden MacIntyre. He was reading Raising Kanye by Dr. Donda West about singer Kanye West. This stranger on the streetcar went on to ask me to go for a beer, wine or tea on three separate occasions.
I was not interested, but as he asked if I had a PhD, Masters and seemed interested in intelligent conversation, I did not mind chatting with this him on the TTC as I passed the time. Continue reading