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More Toronto strikers ask to return to work

Since strike began 615 union members request to go back to city jobs

By Kris Scheuer
(Written July 16 for Town Crier newspaper.)
As the city strike nears four weeks, the number of unionized employees asking to come back to work is on the rise. 
On July 15, city hall indicated over 600 members of CUPE locals 416 and 79 had asked to cross the picket lines. 
“We have had, as of an hour ago, 615 people request to come back to work,” city manager Joseph Pennachetti said at a July 15 press conference.
The week before on July 9, city spokesperson Rob Andrusevich told the Town Crier almost 500 strikers had filed paperwork to come back to work.
“There’s a process they have to go through so not all of them are back to work,” Andrusevich said. “We are trying to get them back in jobs that are as similar as possible to the work they were doing.”
On July 3 when the Town Crier asked Mayor David Miller, he indicated over 300 union employees were back on the job at that time. Continue reading


City hosts free democracy workshops

Democracy requires an informed public.  
So whether you are a politics news junkie like I am or just want a better understanding of how our municipal government comes up with the decisions it does, being “in the know” helps. 
It’s hard to protest or argue for change if you don’t know what policies the city is imposing in the first place. Democracy in action is when people participate in the decision-making by attending community meetings, demanding accountability or running for public office. 
I am excited city hall is launching Toronto Civics 101. There are six free sessions open to any resident or business owner in our city but you need to register by June 23 at http://www.toronto.ca/civic-engagement/index.htm or call 416-392-8592. Continue reading