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High Park Cherry Blossoms in Toronto 2015

Looking to see the Cherry Blossoms at Toronto’s High Park before the flowers are gone for 2015?
Better go now. They reached the peak this week (Wed May 6) and I saw some lovely blooms today but there are only days left before they are gone ’til next spring.

Cherry Blossoms 1 2015
I took these three images of Cherry Blossoms on
Friday May 8, 2015 inside High Park, in Toronto.

Cherry Blossoms 3 2015

The trees I was enjoying, along with many others of all ages, are located near the Jamie Bell Adventure Park playground inside High Park.

Cherry Blossoms 2 2015

There are many more of these trees on a hill near Grenadier Restaurant. Check out this online map that shows where to find these lovely trees inside High Park.
Want to see more online images of these trees in High Park? Check this
BlogTO post and TripAdvisor and a post I wrote in 2010.
Regardless of if you make it High Park this spring or not, enjoy spring in Toronto.


High Park daycare freeze

Interim bylaw extended preventing new home-based daycares
Temporary freeze applies to applications on High Park Ave
By Kris Scheuer
(Written May 18 for Town Crier.)

The home-based Teddy Bear Academy was allowed as of right before the interim bylaw froze new applications. Photo by Francis Crescia/Town Crier.

It’s going to be another year before the debate over home-based nursery schools in the High Park area is resolved.
On May 12, city council decided to extend the existing temporary ban on new such facilities opening on High Park Avenue between Glenlake Avenue and Dundas Street West.
In 2009, the Teddy Bear Academy opened up at a home at 167 High Park Ave.
A resulting protest from High Park Avenue Residents’ Association around traffic and safety concerns led to the temporary moratorium on new daycares to give the city time to study the issue.
The provincial Day Nurseries Act does have guidelines regarding standards such as drop off and pick-up zones, adequate space and the number of children allowed per daycare facility.
The facility that opened on High Park Avenue is licensed for 50 children, said John Bowen, who lives near the daycare. Continue reading

Cherry Blossoms at High Park

Toronto’s Cherry Blossoms in bloom attract crowds
High Park a zoo of people taking photos of flowering trees
By Kris Scheuer

I couldn’t resist visiting some of the 200 flowering Cherry Blossom trees at High Park on Saturday, April 24. I was there with my sister, niece, mom and brother. We weren’t the only ones. Hoards of couples, families and individuals armed with cameras took photos of the lovely sight.
Most of the trees I saw are on the hill above  Grenadier Pond and below/beside Grenadier Cafe.

See Toronto like a tourist

If you had just four days, where would you go in TO?
Trying to pack in the best of the city in short span, a challenge
By Kris Scheuer

If I can swing it financially, I am going to Europe this fall specifically to Paris, Rome and London.
No this is NOT a blog post about my trip – it’s about Toronto.
One of the challenges of this vacation, besides money, is how to see these historical, romantic, cultural European gems when I may have just three or four days in each of these world class cities.
And it got me thinking…if I had only four days and nights in Toronto what would be on my to do list? Continue reading

Dogs banned at Sunnyside Beach in warm weather

Dogs will be allowed on-leash only in winter
Summer, spring, fall access will be off limits
By Kris Scheuer
(Written Oct. 28 for Town Crier.)

A policy approved by city council will see all dogs barred from Sunnyside Beach in the spring, summer and part of the fall. Photo by Francis Crescia/Town Crier.

Pooches will soon be forbidden for part of the year at Sunnyside Beach — even if they’re on a leash.
Currently, residents can walk their dogs on-leash all year at the west end beachfront.
City council, acting on a staff recommendation that on-leash access at this local beach be restricted to winter months only, approved the new policy on Oct. 27.
Dogs will be banned from Sunnyside Beach in the spring, summer and part of the fall, effective April 1. Under the proposed policy, dogs would be allowed on-leash only between Nov. 1 and March 31.
Parkdale-High Park councillor Bill Saundercook vowed to contest any further changes limiting access for dogs at Sunnyside Beach. Continue reading