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Advocating for change at city hall

How to impact change in Toronto
(Column written for Town Crier Dec. 22)

“You say you want a revolution,” the Beatles sang. “Well, you know, we all want to change the world.”
Even if it’s not a revolutionary change you are seeking, here are some tips on preserving a cherished service or advocating for a new policy at city hall.
As I wrote in a previous column, you can achieve small changes by calling 311, your municipal councillor, or by making a deputation at city hall.
But if you are seeking larger policy changes or want to protect services from being slashed, you’ll need a stronger game plan.
Do your research
Councillor Gord Perks is no stranger to activism, dating back to 1987 when he was involved with Pollution Probe, Greenpeace Canada and Toronto Environmental Alliance — all before he entered politics.
“You will have opponents so your information has to be as good or better,” he said.
So know your facts: why does it make economic, social and political sense for policymakers to agree with you? Continue reading


Mayor Ford, council inaugural session

Don Cherry introduces Mayor Rob Ford at city council
Hockey commentator’s racy comments overpower event
Kris Scheuer
(Written for Town Crier Dec. 7)

L-R: Hockey commentator Don Cherry shakes Mayor Ford's hand at inaugural council session Dec. 7. Photo by Francis Crescia/Town Crier.

Hockey commentator Don Cherry’s message was almost as colourful as his jacket as he introduced his friend Mayor Rob Ford in a ceremonial inauguration at city hall this afternoon.
Cherry stole the show with comments about the “left-wing pinkos” on council and in the media.
“I wore pink today for all the pinkos out there,” said Cherry, who couldn’t be missed in his fuchsia jacket.
He further chided the “the left-pinko media” who he says “ripped him to shreds” when it was announced he would introduce Ford at the ceremony.
The controversial character said he supports Ford who he describes as honest and truthful.
“He is like (new MP) Julian Fantino what you see is what you get.”
That feeling is mutual as Ford commented to reporters on Cherry’s remarks after the event.
“What you see is what you get. That’s Don Cherry,” Ford said.

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Shimmy Posen ward 21 candidate

City construct projects on time and within budget
This is one of Posen’s promises, if elected

Kris Scheuer

(Written Aug 6 for Town Crier.)

Photo courtesy of Shimmy Posen.

Ward 21 candidate Shimmy Posen wants to fix city hall from the inside.
“We all know city hall is broken,” said Posen, who has a degree in political science. “We see it with cost overruns and delays with St. Clair right-of-way. We see it with the (2009) garbage strike and every dollar wasted.”
“The main issue is we need to address inefficiency in public transportation,” said Posen, who supports subways along Eglinton rather than the approved light rail transit.
“We need to reject the short sighted Eglinton LRT and build a long term subway instead,” said the local resident.

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