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Toronto gay pride and mayoral candidates

How mayoral hopefuls are attracting attention during pride weekend
Joe Pantalone handing out condoms
Kris Scheuer

Mayoral candidate Joe Pantalone is handing out these condoms during Toronto's pride parade.

This  weekend marks the 30th annual Pride Parade in Toronto.
Mayoral candidates will be out in full force wooing voters and getting press.
Mayoral candidate Joe Pantalone sent out a press release today that he’ll be handing out condoms July 4. Sure, why not? Safe sex and all.
But the text was a little funny that accompanied his reasoning. Read it for yourself and tell me what you think.
“When you know you’re safe, you’re free to enjoy yourself,” Pantalone’s presser stated. “That’s the attitude of a responsible lover. And as a responsible Mayor, it will be Joe’s attitude to Toronto. It’s why he and his campaign will distribute ‘Not Your Average Joe’ condoms at this year’s Pride Parade – to remind celebrants that it’s when we take care of each other that we can most enjoy each other’s company.”
“A condom provides protection against infection; a Pantalone mayoralty will be an effective prophylactic against diseases like rampant privatization, service cuts, transit delays, and divisive politics,” he wrote. ¬†“You already take care of your body; on election day, be sure to take care of your city, by voting Joe.”
What do you think? Brilliant, silly or outrageous? Continue reading