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St. Paul’s byelection vote breakdown

Liberal Eric Hoskins won, PC Sue-Ann Levy second place
Here is the final vote tally for all ten candidates in Sept. 17 vote
By Kris Scheuer

So by now you know that newly elected Liberal MPP Dr. Eric Hoskins pulled off a victory in last night’s byelection in St. Paul’s.
If you want more on that story, please read the article by myself and Town Crier newspaper colleague Brian Baker.
What did you think about this heated political battle between Hoskins and PC Sue-Ann Levy?
If you wondering how many votes each candidate got, I have the breakdown from Elections Ontario as of 12:20 am this morning. This is the final tally with all 238 polls reporting, but remains unofficial until verified by the Chief Electoral Officer. Continue reading


Victory for Liberals in St. Paul’s byelection

Eric Hoskins soundly defeats Sue-Ann Levy
Liberals hold onto riding vacated by Liberal Michael Bryant
By Brian Baker and Kris Scheuer
(Written Sept. 17 for Town Crier newspaper.)

Premier Dalton McGuinty congratulates Liberal Eric Hoskins in St. Paul's byelection victory. Photo by Francis Crescia/Town Crier.

In spite of some pundits expecting a close race in St. Paul’s, Liberal candidate Eric Hoskins cruised to an easy victory over his Progressive Conservative rival, well-known Toronto Sun columnist Sue-Ann Levy.
“I’m so humbled by the response of the residents of St. Paul’s,” Hoskins told the Town Crier while at the Sports Centre Cafe. “I’m overwhelmed, excited and it was a fantastic campaign.”
Hoskins took over 47 percent of the total vote and bested Levy by more than 4,700 votes (with 14 polls still to report).
While he was clearly enjoying his win he won’t be celebrating for too long as he says he has work to do.
“I think the next step is to open a constituency office so people know that I’m there, I’m accessible and the issues that are important to them, they know they can count on me to work with them,” he said. Continue reading

St. Paul’s Sept. 17 byelection results

Ballots show a clear win for Liberal Eric Hoskins
Journalist, first time candidate PC’s Sue-Ann Levy second
By Kris Scheuer

Well official numbers from Elections Ontario show Liberal Eric Hoskins with almost 48 percent of the vote to PC Sue-Ann Levy’s nearly 29 percent.
I just returned from reporting on the St. Paul’s byelection where I was stationed at Levy’s camp and my colleague Brian Baker was at Liberal Eric Hoskins party. It was a thrilling campaign to watch and follow.

Our story has been filed and should be up on the website for the paper I work for, the Town Crier.
It’s now 12:22 on Sept. 18 just a few hours after the polls closed at 9 pm last night. Continue reading

St. Paul’s byelection today Sept. 17

A heated battle comes to conclusion tonight
It’s decision day in the riding, for results check back at midnight
By Kris Scheuer

Today is election day in the Toronto riding of St. Paul’s.
Myself and fellow journalist Brian Baker will be reporting on the results tonight and post our article online at the Town Crier’s site and I will have it on my site.
Most likely the winning candidate is not expected to speak to supporters and the media until around 10:30, we should start writing our story after 11 pm and I hope to have it posted by midnight. Continue reading

Toronto day in the life 6

What I learned today, reflections on death of cyclist Darcy Sheppard
Life is fragile
By Kris Scheuer

This display at the Toronto Police headquarters reminds us that as of Sept. 3, 22 people have died in traffic accidents. Photo by Kris Scheuer.

This display at Toronto Police headquarters reminds us that as of Sept. 3, 22 people have died in traffic accidents in Toronto so far this year. Photo by Kris Scheuer.

My day started like many in this city with news that a cyclist had died last night after a confrontation with a car driver on Bloor Street West.
I heard the news on CBC Radio when I woke up.
My dad called me on my cell before I even got to work as speculation was former St. Paul’s MPP Michael Bryant was the one allegedly driving the vehicle that struck the cyclist.
When I arrived at work, the Town Crier newspaper, my colleague Brian Baker was already working on the story. Click here to read his article.
Toronto Police have now charged Bryant with criminal negligence causing death and dangerous operation of a vehicle causing death.
The name of the cyclist who died also been released as Darcy Allan Sheppard.
Reports on the accident are quite horrific.
Cyclist Sheppard was dragged several metres after a confrontation allegedly arose between him and the driver of a convertible near Bay and Bloor Sts. at around 9:45 pm last night, Baker reports for the Town Crier.
After words were exchanged and the driver, believed to be Bryant, continued heading west where a minor fender-bender occurred between the cyclist and the driver, Constable Hugh Smith of Toronto Police’s Traffic Services told journalist Baker.
Afterward the cyclist approached the driver and grabbed hold of the car.
“He became unattached by whatever means and fell and hit the ground,” Smith said. “He received severe injuries and was transported to a trauma hospital.
Former Ontario Attorney General Bryant released a statement tonight.
“I would, however, like to extend my deepest condolences to the family involved,” reads part of the statement by Bryant, which he made before media this evening.
On Sept. 2, Bryant resigned as CEO of Invest Toronto. Read his full statement here.
And Mayor David Miller accepted Bryant’s resignation with a statement of his own on the city’s web site.

In my opinion, the whole incident is tragic and sad for all involved: Sheppard, his friends and family, and Bryant and his loved ones.

St. Paul’s byelection candidates debate

Town Crier newspaper to hold debate Sept 10
It’s an opportunity to meet candidates in St. Paul’s byelection
By Kris Scheuer

Clockwise from the top left are: PC Sue-Ann Levy, NDP Julian Heller, Green Party Chris Chopik, Liberal Eric Hoskins.

There is September 17 byelection to choose a new provincial rep for the riding of St. Paul’s.
The newspaper I write for, The Town Crier, is holding an all candidates debate the week before the vote.
It will be held Sept. 10 from 7-9 pm at Sunderland Hall at the First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto. You will find it 175 St. Clair Ave. West, near the southwest corner of Avenue Rd. and St. Clair.
Firstly, those who live in the diverse riding that stretches roughly from Beltline to Dupont and Winona to Bayview should come and hear what the political players have to say. Trust me it will be a very heated debate.
We have invited:
PC candidate Sue-Ann Levy, who is on leave as a city hall columnist with the Toronto Sun.
Liberal activist Dr. Eric Hoskins, who will try and keep the seat red after former MPP Michael Bryant stepped down to take a position as chief executive officer of Invest Toronto.
Lawyer Julian Heller of the New Democratic Party.
Real Estate agent Chris Chopik of the Green Party.
Five other candidates will also be in attendance.
I will be there and so will my Town Crier colleagues including editor Eric McMillan, who will be moderating.
Besides attending the Sept. 10 debate it’s important to vote in the advance polls or on byelection day Sept. 17.

Continue reading