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Ella Rebanks ward 27 candidate

Local resident, mother, volunteer runs for first time
Rebanks passionate about helping others across Toronto
Kris Scheuer
(Written Aug 5 for Town Crier.)

Ella Rebanks with her family. Photo courtesy of Rebanks.

Ward 27 candidate Ella Rebanks says wasteful spending at city hall has to stop, but she cautions not all spending is wasteful.
“What (mayor hopeful) Rob Ford considers wasteful and the bulk of the population think is wasteful aren’t the same,” said the Toronto Centre Rosedale council candidate.
“If you have a social program, it’s not wasteful spending. It’s us doing our job,” Rebanks added.
“Focus on Bloor Street construction that’s taking too long…that’s wasteful.”
As of August 5, Rebanks was one of 13 candidates running to replace retiring councillor Kyle Rae. She said with no incumbent the timing was right for her to run.
“I live in the ward,” said the mother of three. “I know the ward inside and out. So why wait to run?” Continue reading


Tindal, Dick, Gapka run in Ward 27

Council hopefuls Chris Tindal, Joel Dick, Susan Gapka
Ten people running in city election to fill Coun.Rae’s shoes
By Kris Scheuer
(Written Feb. 26 for Town Crier)

The race to replace outgoing city councillor Kyle Rae is the busiest in the city.
With no incumbent, Toronto Centre-Rosedale Ward 27 has attracted 10 registered candidates so far. Here are mini-profiles of three of the people running in this ward: Joel Dick, Chris Tindal and Susan Gapka.

Joel Dick, ward 27 candidate.

Candidate Joel Dick says living in the ward for over a decade has helped him gain knowledge about local concerns.
“It’s a remarkably diverse ward,” says the litigation lawyer, who volunteers as a referee with youth hockey.
One issue that needs attention is bringing more economic development business opportunities to the George Street between Carlton Street and Queen Street East, he said.
He also favours the plan to redevelop Jarvis Street by reducing it from five traffic lanes to four in order to accommodate bike lanes.
“I hope to move the discussion beyond the bike versus the car,” said Dick, who has done casework for a student run legal clinic as well as pro bono work for the Child Advocacy Project. Continue reading