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Mayor Miller a man for the people

David Miller campaigned on cleaning up Toronto and stopping backroom deals
By Kris Scheuer
(Written for Town Crier newspaper Nov.11/03.)

On what must rank as one of the biggest nights of his life, mayor-elect David Miller still remembered the little people: his son and daughter. 
In the midst of sheer chaos in an atmosphere resembling a rock concert with people pushing against the stage and asking for Miller’s autograph, he held his eight-year-old daughter Julia’s hand while doing a live radio interview for CBC.
After finishing a Town Crier interview on election night and just before being ushered off to speak live on TV, Miller turned to his wife Jill Arthur and said, “Are the kids okay?”
Miller was quoted saying that the toughest question he faced during this 10-month campaign was from his daughter asking what time he’d be home.
The new mayor will have many late night nights and early mornings ahead and challenges none greater than fulfilling his election promise to stop the fixed link to the Toronto Island. 
Speaking to David Collenette, federal transport minister, about withdrawing his support was one of Miller’s first priorities, he said on Nov .10. Continue reading