NDP federal candidates 2011

Who is running for NDP in Toronto federal ridings
Candidates seeking TO seats in 2011 election
Kris Scheuer
(Updated with all candidates nominated.)

NDP leader Jack Layton is seeking re-election in his home riding of Toronto-Danforth.

While there are 308 ridings up for grabs in the May 2 federal election, this post focuses on the NDP candidates and current New Democrat MPs in Toronto seeking your vote.
I will also post candidates running for the Conservatives, Green Party and Liberals as they become known.
New Democratic Party federal candidates in 22 Toronto ridings as they are being nominated:
1)York-Centre NDP candidate Kurtis Baily.
2)York South-Weston NDP candidate Mike Sullivan.
3)York West NDP candidate Giulio Manfrini.
4)St. Paul’s NDP candidate William Molls.
5) Scarborough-Guildwood NDP candidate Danielle Ouellette.
6) Scarborough-Rough River NDP candidate Rathika Sitsabaiesan.
7)Scarborough Centre NDP candidate Natalie Hundt.
8)Scarborough Southwest NDP candidate Dan Harris.
9)Scarborough-Agincourt NDP candidate Nancy Patchell.

10)Etobicoke North NDP candidate Diana Andrews.
11)Etobicoke Centre NDP candidate Ana Maria Rivero.
12)Etobicoke-Lakeshore NDP candidate Michael Erickson.
13)Parkdale-High Park NDP candidate and former MP Peggy Nash.
14)Toronto-Danforth NDP incumbent MP and party leader Jack Layton.
15)Beaches-East York NDP candidate Matthew Kellway.
16)Toronto Centre NDP candidate Susan Wallace.
17)Don Valley West NDP candidate Nicole Yovanoff.
18)Don Valley East NDP candidate Mary Trapani Hynes.
19)Davenport NDP candidate Andrew Cash.
20)Eglinton Lawrence NDP candidate Justin Chatwin.
21)Willowdale NDP candidate Mehdi Mollahassani.
22)Trinity-Spadina NDP incumbent MP Olivia Chow.
* Any updates please let me know by posting a comment or sending me an email at kscheuer @ sympatico.ca


3 responses to “NDP federal candidates 2011

  1. Roslyn Klaiman

    How sad it is, and not the first time, that my 300 suite apartment building in St. Paul’s riding was not visited by an NDP candidate. Long ago I swore not to vote for any candidate even if my preferred party who does not have the courtesy to campaign or even leave literature at my suite. Guess I am not voting NDP this time either. Poor campaign behaviour in my opinion and far cry from those who make an effort to meet votes and talk with them.

  2. For the person above…. Might be too late for you to see this but check out this wikipedia site. If you know the NAME of your RIDING, you can find your candidate here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Democratic_Party_candidates,_2011_Canadian_federal_election… and yours is Mary Tepani Hynes for Don Valley EAST.

  3. I like Jack Layton and NDP policies, but WHERE ARE All NDP CANDIDATES? I am in Don valley East riding but I have yet to see or speak to a NDP candidate. DO YOU REALLY WANT MY VOTE? I see all the Consevative and Liberal candidates, but I don’t even know the name of NDP candidate in my riding. Does he/she really care? May be NDP has already accepted a defeat and all the cadidates have gone home

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