Liberal federal candidates 2011

Who’s running federally for Grits in Toronto ridings
Kris Scheuer

Rob Oliphant is seeking re-election as the Liberal Don Valley West MP.

It’s election time with another federal vote on May 2.
I have posted information on Conservatives, Green Party and NDP candidates as they become known who are running in for federal seats in Toronto ridings.
But this post focuses on Liberal candidates running for federal seats in 22 Toronto ridings:
1)York-Centre incumbent Liberal MP Ken Dryden.
2)York South-Weston incumbent Liberal MP Alan Tonks.
3)York West incumbent Liberal MP Judy Sgro.
4)St. Paul’s incumbent Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett.
5) Scarborough Rouge-River Liberal candidate Rana Sarkar.
6)Scarborough-Guildwood incumbent Liberal MP John McKay.
7)Scarborough-Centre incumbent Liberal MP John Cannis.
8)Scarborough Southwest incumbent Liberal MP Michelle Simson.
9)Scarborough-Agincourt incumbent Liberal MP Jim Karygiannis.

10)Etobicoke-North incumbent Liberal MP Kirsty Duncan.
11)Etobicoke-Centre incumbent Liberal MP Borys Wrzesnewskyj.
12)Etobicoke-Lakeshore incumbent MP and Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff.
13)Parkdale-High Park  incumbent Liberal MP Gerard Kennedy.
14)Toronto-Danforth Liberal candidate Andrew Lang.
15)Beaches-East York incumbent Liberal MP Maria Minna.
16)Toronto Centre incumbent Liberal MP Bob Rae.
17)Don Valley West incumbent Liberal MP Rob Oliphant.
18)Don Valley East incumbent Liberal MP Yasmin Ratansi.
19)Davenport incumbent Liberal MP Mario Silva.
20)Eglinton Lawrence incumbent Liberal MP Joe Volpe.
21)Willowdale incumbent Liberal MP Martha Hall Findlay.
22)Trinity-Spadina Liberal candidate Christine Innes.
Here’s a list of Liberal candidates running for federal seats in Ontario ridings and a link to Grit candidates running across all 308 ridings in Canada.


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