Canadian federal election 2011

Who holds power now
Kris Scheuer

PM Stephen Harper will be facing voters in a spring election. Town Crier file photo.

So a federal election is on for May 2.
Click on the Green Party, Conservatives, NDP and Liberals to see who each of those parties are running as federal candidates in Toronto ridings.
The Liberal Party’s motion expressing non-confidence in the current Conservative government over issues of contempt of Parliament passed 156-145 today.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper will formally ask Governor General¬†David Johnston to dissolve Canada’s 4oth Parliament tomorrow.
Here’s a low down on who all the current MPs are now.
What will new parliament look like post election?
Quick Facts:
There are 308 seats up for grabs.
There are 305 current Members of Parliament and three vacant seats, click here for the full list.
Current representation across Canada is:
Conservative MPs: 143
Liberal Party MPs: 77
Bloc Quebecois MPs: 47
New Democratic Party MPs: 36
Independents MPs: Helena Guergis (Independent Conservative) and Andre Arthur
Vacant seats of 3: Calgary Centre-North in Alberta, Prince George-Peace River in B.C., and Haute-Gaspesie-La Mitis-Matane-Matapedia in Quebec.
In Toronto there are 22 federal seats with 2 New Democrat MPs and 20 Liberals elected here currently.
Here’s the breakdown of the current reps in Toronto ridings. Beaches-East York: Liberal Maria Minna.
Davenport: Liberal Mario Silva.
Don Valley East: Liberal Yasmin Ratansi.
Don Valley West: Liberal Rob Oliphant.
Eglinton-Lawrence: Liberal Joseph Volpe.
Etobicoke-Centre: Liberal Borys Wrzesnewskyj.
Etobicoke-Lakeshore: Liberal Michael Ignatieff (party leader).
Etobicoke-North: Liberal Kirsty Duncan.
Parkdale-High Park: Liberal Gerard Kennedy.
St. Paul’s: Liberal Carolyn Bennett.
Scarborough-Agincourt: Liberal Jim Karyglannis.
Scarborough Centre: Liberal John Cannis.
Scarborough-Guildwood: Liberal John McKay.
Scarborough-Rouge River: Liberal Derek Lee.
Scarborough Southwest: Liberal Michelle Simson.
Toronto Centre: Liberal Bob Rae.
Toronto-Danforth: NDP Jack Layton (party leader).
Trinity-Spadina: NDP Olivia Chow (wife of Jack Layton).
Willowdale: Liberal Martha Hall Findlay.
York-Centre: Liberal Ken Dryden.
York South-Weston: Liberal Alan Tonks.
York West: Liberal Judy Sgro.


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