Willowdale MPP David Zimmer seeks re-election

Tories set sights on Willowdale riding
But Liberal Zimmer vows to defend his seat
Kris Scheuer
(Written for Town Crier March 3)

Liberal MPP David Zimmer seeks a third term in Willowdale. Photo courtesy of David Zimmer.

Liberal MPP David Zimmer knows the Progressive Conservatives have set their sights on Willowdale, but he’s ready to fight to keep his seat in the upcoming provincial election.
He first came to power in 2003 beating then PC incumbent David Young.
“All the pundits, polls, newspapers and blogs in 2003 (stated) the conventional wisdom was Conservatives would lose all seats in 416 except Willowdale,” recalls Zimmer.
The commentators were mostly correct as the PCs lost all their Toronto seats including Willowdale.
“David Young was a good candidate, a lawyer. I know him and we had a good campaign,” said Zimmer, also a lawyer by trade. “I won by 2,000 votes.”
Fast forward to the 2007 provincial race and then PC leader John Tory looked closely at running in Willowdale against Zimmer but settled on Don Valley West where he eventually lost to Kathleen Wynne. The PCs ran Willowdale Councillor David Shiner as a star candidate, but Zimmer held on, beating Shiner by almost 6,000 votes.
“This year the Tories are anxious to try and get Willowdale,” Zimmer said.The Progressive Conservatives are running Vince Agovino.
“Vince Agovino is not a high profile  candidate. It’s not a criticism of him or his abilities. They tried to get a high profile candidate, but there were no takers,” he said. “I’ve seen this fight before. I will work hard as I did in ’03 and ’07. We are looking forward to a vigorous campaign.”
At the legislature, Zimmer is working as the parliamentary assistant to the Attorney General on speeding up the justice system.
Accused are appearing before the courts eight to 10 times before a court resolution is found whereas it used to be two or three appearance, he said.
“The Justice on Target is a program is trying to speed up the justice system so it’s less costly. But also for the accused person, if they are in jail they want the case to go to trial sooner so they can get on with their life,” said Zimmer. “For victims they want the case to be over with. It’s stressful to wait around for a couple of years.”
Locally,  Zimmer is diplomatic on the plans Mayor Rob Ford’s plan for a Sheppard subway over the previously approved LRT line.
“We settled on Metrolinx rapid transit and he (Ford) said he won’t go ahead with it,” said Zimmer. “Now we have to figure out how to work out a solution for everyone.”
The Town Crier will be interviewing all major party candidates in Willowdale as the provincial election campaign progresses towards the Oct. 6 vote.


4 responses to “Willowdale MPP David Zimmer seeks re-election

  1. David Zimmer headed up the committee hearings regarding the ban! All 43 experts disagreed with the ban excluding of course a local dog walker in Bryants riding who by the way only walks small dogs. This so called expert, was brought inthereby having ONE so called “expert” that agreed with the ban. The hearings were a joke.
    I can give you a list of those who he refused to allow to speak, Believe me I know of what I speak and can provide you with the contact information on many who attended the hearings.

  2. David Zimmer was the “GUN” behind disgraced EX. Attn. General Michael Bryants Pit Bull Ban. A very informative study was conducted regarding “Panic Policy” showing how this stupid law was enacted out of fear instead of common sense and facts. More details are available at http://www.supporthersheysbill.com. Interesting that MPP Zimmer still insists that the ban is now “old news” when hundreds of thousand of e-mails have been send asking for the repeal of this barbaric law. If he was up to date he would know that protests on this ban have been held throughout Ontario, that he is just not aware of? Maybe he should read the news once in a while.

    • HI Liz,
      You obviously want to repeal the bill and have a right to comment on something you feel passionate about. But my March 2011 story on David Zimmer doesn’t talk about the Pit Bull ban at all. The only connection to the story I wrote and your comment, is that MPP Zimmer was the assistant to the then AG Michael Bryant, who pushed for the Pit Bull ban that you want repealed.

  3. “At the legislature, Zimmer is working as the parliamentary assistant to the Attorney General on speeding up the justice system.”

    How`s that going David?
    Just a suggestion here but you might be able to speed it up somewhat if you got the puppy cases out of the Courtroom.

    I mean it`s not as if the Liberals have facts on their side.

    How many years was this case before the Courts David?
    How much did it cost Taxpayers?

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