Donlands station second exit deferred

Kris Scheuer

TTC's proposed second exit for Donlands subway is on hold for now. Image courtesy of TTC.

City council voted Feb. 23 to defer building controversial second subway exits at Wellesley, Donlands, Greenwood and Woodbine TTC stations.
A motion by Councillor Mary Fragedakis to amend the Toronto Transit Commission’s capital budget was approved during the city’s budget debate.
Her motion, which passed 42-2, was “City Council add the Second Exit at Donlands station project to the list of projects being deferred pending resolution of the TTC’s $2.3 billion Capital Budget funding shortfall.”
She sent out a press release Feb. 25 stating, “City Council voted overwhelmingly to defer the second exit project at Donlands station until the TTC is able to secure the necessary funding. Other second exit projects deferred at the February 23 Council meeting include Wellesley, Woodbine and Greenwood stations.”
“I want to acknowledge the upheaval that the residents have experienced.  The second exits are provincially mandated for safety reasons and I am in favour of a safe public transit system.  As we continue to work with the TTC, this and the concerns of my community remain front and centre,” commented Councillor Fragedakis.
“Once the TTC capital budget has sufficient funding in place, a public meeting will be convened with the community. ”
I covered stories on Woodbine, which was less controversial as Councillor Janet Davis worked with the community and gave them months notice to find a solution.
But stories I wrote about Donlands and Greenwood indicate much angst in part because the plans to expropriate or buy homes caught residents off guard as they got little notice.
I will report back on this with interviews and reaction. Just wanted to share the news for those who have been following this issue.


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