Toronto among top livable cities worldwide

The Economist rates our city 4th best spot to live
Kris Scheuer

So the Economist rated Toronto number 4 out of 140 on its list of most livable cities worldwide.
The Economist used a ranking of 0-100 with 30 factors to determine the best cities to live based on 5 categories:  health care, culture and environment, education, and infrastructure.
Here are the top 10 cities on the list.

The Economist rated Toronto 4th most livable city worldwide.

What do you think?What makes Toronto livable?
What needs to be improved?
Which other cities to you love and consider livable?
What’s your favourite city outside of Toronto?


3 responses to “Toronto among top livable cities worldwide

  1. THIS IS TORONTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  2. I used to work for a travel mag for 2.5 years and went to many cities and countries for business including: South Africa’s Cape Town which was heartbreaking in its poverty and beautiful in its spirit, all of Barbados my favourite Caribbean country for personal reasons, Germany villages and cities like Koln along the Rhine River which are picturesque and historic, Venice in Italy which is just as romantic as it looks in the movies.
    Last fall, I took my first European vacation since I was a child and enjoyed Paris, London and Rome over 2 weeks. I travelled by plane, train, subway, streetcar, bus and foot – never by taxi which allowed me to get to know these cities more intimately.

  3. As a lifelong Torontonian, I have my likes and dislikes about the city I love dearly.
    It is relatively safe, it is multicultural with a mix of languages and ethnicities that allow us to experience new foods, festivals and insights into other cultures if we so desire.
    Toronto’s relatively clean, is heaven in the summer with its street parties, and has wonderful neighbourhoods that allow us to connect to people in a large city where we might otherwise feel lost and alone.
    My dislikes include the fact it is expensive, dirtier than it used to be, not as friendly as it should be.

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