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Bussin, McMahon transition stand off

No smooth transition in Beaches post election
Neither Sandra Bussin or Mary-Margaret McMahon called either other
Kris Scheuer
(Written for Town Crier Nov. 11)

Mary-Margaret McMahon is sworn in as Ward 32 councillor Dec. 1. Photo courtesy of Mary-Margaret McMahon.

Councillor Sandra Bussin has been criticized for not reaching out to Mary-Margaet McMahon, who soundly defeated her in the Oct. 25 election.
“I have not heard from (Bussin) or her staff. It’s disappointing,” McMahon told the Town Crier Nov. 9.
But communication is a two-way street.
“Ms. McMahon has not called me,” Bussin said this afternoon.
McMahon admitted that it’s true she’s not called Bussin either but was waiting for her to call either on election night or after McMahon’s family vacation.
“I’m planning to call her,” McMahon said today.
Conversation or not, from Bussin’s perspective the idea of a transition between two councillors is something new and has not been done in the past.

Outgoing Councillor Sandra Bussin. Photo by Francis Crescia/Town Crier.

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