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Jaye Robinson takes over Ward 25

Councillor-elect beat incumbent Cliff Jenkins
Robinson sworn in as Don Valley W rep Dec 1
Kris Scheuer
(Written Oct. 29 for Town Crier.)

Jaye Robinson ready to start her dream job as councillor. Photo by Randy Rovinski/Town Crier.

It was an emotional night in Ward 25 Don Valley West when Jaye Robinson beat out incumbent Cliff Jenkins to take the council seat.
Robinson won with 9,258 votes, or 45.49 percent, beating two-term incumbent Cliff Jenkins, who picked up 8,756 votes for 43 percent.
But the win has been bittersweet for Robinson.
“I am ecstatic. That’s the only way to describe it,” the 48-year-old mother of three said days after her victory. “The room was electric that night.”
On election night, Robinson was in tears as Jenkins came to offer her congratulations on her win.
“He came and conceded. It’s amazing to win but it’s hard when someone loses. That’s how democracy works,” said Robinson, who was a senior manager with the city’s economic development for two decades.
“I want to thank Councillor Cliff Jenkins for his service over the last seven years. Councillor Jenkins ran a great campaign.” Continue reading


Don Valley trustees re-elected

Michael Coteau and Gerri Gershon back at the school board
Kris Scheuer
(Written for Town Crier Oct. 29)

Trustees Michael Coteau and Gerri Gershon were re-elected.

Re-elected Don Valley East Trustee Michael Coteau says after knocking on 10,000 doors during the election campaign, he is re-energized to tackle tough issues at the school board.
“After seven years, you don’t realize how many people you have helped in the past.
You wonder if people are paying attention and you get to the door and get this sense of energy,” said Coteau, who was first elected in 2003.
Coteau won back his school board seat handily on election day, garnering just over 63 percent of the vote. Continue reading