Ward 22 elects Josh Matlow

St. Paul’s school trustee to be next ward councillor
Chris Sellors comes second in hard-fought contest
Kris Scheuer
(Written for Town Crier Oct. 25)

Newly elected Ward 22 councillor Josh Matlow gets a celebratory hug from his mother Elaine Mitchell. Photo by Kris Scheuer/Town Crier.

The battle for Ward 22 is over and school board trustee Josh Matlow has come out on top.
Matlow won with 11,892 votes while Chris Sellors came second with 8,037 votes.
At his victory celebration councillor elect-Matlow, surrounded by supporters including his wife Melissa, father Ted Matlow and his mom Elaine Mitchell, expressed his gratitude to all those who helped him during the campaign.
“I am deeply appreciative,” Josh Matlow told the Town Crier tonight after his victory speech. “I woke up this morning knowing I was going to win because of the response we had at the door.”

“I didn’t take it for granted, but we worked hard. I am so excited to get to work.”
Matlow will be replacing outgoing St. Paul’s Councillor Michael Walker, who is retiring after 28 years at city hall.

Former prime minister John Turner was among the prominent supporters of candidate Chris Sellors who came second in the Ward 22 race. Photo by Kris Scheuer/Town Crier.

The Town Crier spoke to second-place finisher Sellors before enough of the votes had been counted to declare a winner.  At the time he was surprised to be behind.
“I felt my message was resonating,” he told the Town Crier. “When I was walking through the neighbourhoods people said, ‘I am voting for you or I voted for you.’
“If I am not successful tonight, I am at a loss.”
Twenty-two year old ward resident William Molls ran an impressive campaign and was often praised by his competitors, media and residents for his articulate and thoughtful focus on local issues.
But he was disappointed he came fourth behind third place finisher Elizabeth Cook, polling only 869 votes.

William Molls, centre, may have come last in the Ward 22 race but garnered a lot of positive attention for his campaign. Photo by Kris Scheuer/Town Crier.

“I still consider tonight a victory,” said Molls, a web and graphic designer. “I am blown away by the support I received, by the people who came out and volunteered for our campaign. The support we received for our campaign was tremendous. I blown away by the people who came out and donated resources to our campaign.”
“I am not going anywhere,” said the local resident. “I’ll still be an advocate in Ward 22 and I look forward to working with Josh (Matlow) as our next councillor. I think he will do a terrific job.”


5 responses to “Ward 22 elects Josh Matlow

  1. Thank you for letting me know about Carole and Elba’s posts Kris. I look forward to speaking with both of them about their specific concerns and to offer my assistance.
    Sincerely, Josh

  2. I also do hope that you, Josh Matlow, will care for us tenants and help us in our struggle to keep a roof over our heads; well maintained apt buildings as we deserve it as (tenants) consumers. Hope you will keep sending reliable inspectors to our building 200 Roehampton Avenue and don’t take the word of the landlord or its representatives for granted. This building has been renovated thanks to Michael Walker, our City Councillor, Chris Sellors, and the inspectors of the City of Toronto. I believe the work orders are not yet completed… We, tenants won a 10% rent reduction and it has been appealed… We surely need your help on the matter. Rats, mice and insects has been a great issue too here. Still now the lobby is the only part of the building that they keep clean to show to inspectors….but inspectors should check every floor which are not been cleaned….and the incinerators and the shooter doors are really filthy! I have phoned 311 regarding the filth as I have to pour bleach and pinesol on the incinerator walls and floor…another neighbour said she cleaned the incinerator metal door….it’s really filthy again. Stair rails broken and a huge piece of good is there to cover the huge hole – very dangerous…. I did not check all the stair rails. Help us, please.
    Sincerely, Elba Dumbleton 416 486-1783

    • Hi Elba,
      thanks for the comment. I forwarded it to Josh Matlow via email as you did address it to him.
      I will also follow up with you, as a news reporter, about some of the issues you mention in case I can do a story.
      My work email is kscheuer @mytowncrier.ca (just remove the space in the email there to avoid computer email spam) and my work number 416-785-4311 ext. 336

  3. Congratulations, Mr. Matlow!!
    I do hope we, as Apt. dwellers, will get the same attention that Mr. Michael Walker gave us. My rent at Pleasant Blvd. has greatly increased and we need a lot of support. Good luck and please include me in any of your Newsletters, etc.
    Carole Hamill

    • Hi Carole, I emailed your comment on to Josh Matlow at josh@ joshmatlow.ca.
      Thanks for your comment. Please let me know if any issues come up, as I may be able to do a new article about them at work (Town Crier newspaper.)

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