Andrew James bows out of Ward 30

Candidate James endorses competitor Liz West
They hope it’ll be easier to topple incumbent Fletcher
Kris Scheuer
(Written for Town Crier Oct. 15)


Andrew James bows out of Ward 30 race to support candidate Liz West.


Ward 30 candidate Andrew James announced today he’s stepping out of the race to throw his support behind competitor Liz West.
“Ours was a campaign of ideas and change but over the past few days it became clear that I wasn’t going to be successful in my bid to unseat (incumbent) Paula Fletcher,” said James at a news conference at the Cinespace Studios. “With Liz West I saw the opportunity to have our shared ideas move forward and to bring a new voice to city hall.”


Candidate Liz West is trying to unseat incumbent Paula Fletcher.


The final decision for James to back West was based on their similar view on issues like greening city buildings, democratic renewal, upgrading the waste treatment plant and a sincere desire to improve community engagement, said an Oct. 15 statement from James.
For her part West said that she was thrilled to have James’ backing.
“I have admired the campaign he has run and look forward to having access to his knowledge of the issues facing our ward.”
While James will no longer be campaigning his name will still be on the ballot.
Earlier this week candidate Andreas Bogojevic announced live on the TV show Goldhalk Live that he was withdrawing to support candidate Mark Dewdney.
Eight people are officially registered in this race: Angie Tingas, Gary Walsh, Mihaly Varga, Paula Fletcher, Liz West, Andrew James, Mark Dewdney and Andreas Bogojevic.
And he is not the only one to make this type of move in the Ward 30 race.


Mark Dewdney is running in Ward 30 and fellow candidate Andreas Bogojevic has dropped out to support him.


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