Jarred Friedman Ward 10 candidate

Former city planner runs for council
Friedman is running in York Centre in wide open race
Kris Scheuer
(Written Sept
. 2 for Town Crier.)

Jarred Friedman is running in Ward 10.

Local resident Jarred Friedman is running in ward 10 to improve safety, planning and transit and to keep spending in check.
Residents want to be better informed and engaged in the planning process, said Friedman, who is fluent in French, English, Hebrew and Yiddish.
Considering Friedman was a planner with the City of Edmonton and has worked on projects in Toronto, he’s confident his experience will be an asset.
“I can give my advice on planning issues. I have knowledge of municipal government and experience holding public meetings,” said the York Centre council candidate.

While local residents associations deal with projects in their ward, and people get notices about developments nearby, it’s harder to find out about a proposal a few blocks away, he said.
Friedman said he’d like to make it easier for residents to stay on top of any development across Ward 10.
“I’m proposing a Ward 10 community association,” said Friedman, who outlines more on his website.
The idea is people can talk to board members of this ward-wide organization for more info or visit a website to find out about all planning applications in the ward.
“I think people will be more engaged,” said Friedman.
He’s disappointed there isn’t a business improvement association in the ward, something he promises to change.
He wants to revitalize Bathurst and Sheppard so it is similar to Sheppard and Bayview with more festivals, streetscape improvements and upgraded commercial facades.
Friedman has volunteered on political campaigns at all levels of government in York Centre including on Igor Toutchinski’s council bid in 2006. It just so happens the two are up against each other in the 2010 ward race as 10 candidates have signed up now that Councillor Mike Feldman is retiring.
One of Friedman’s key focuses is on fiscal restraint.
While said he sees the need to expand TTC, he’s advocating to improve current bus and subway service before adding on to transit.
One thing that may be worth spending more on is making garbage an essential service to avoid strikes similar to the one last summer, he said.
“People are telling me they think (garbage) should be an essential service. This is a priority for citizens.”
Crime is also a concern is crime.
“We’ve had a number of stabbings and shootings,” said Friedman.
He would like to see more cops walking the beat in the area.


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