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Tanvir Ahmed Ward 26 candidate

First time candidate runs in competitive Don Valley West race
Local resident, volunteer and interpreter hopes for electoral success
Kris Scheuer
(Written for Town Crier Aug. 20.)

Tanvir Ahmed is a ward 26 candidate.

Thorncliffe resident Tanvir Ahmed said it’s his desire to work for the community that prompted him to run in Don Valley West’s Ward 26.
He’s a volunteer with the Thorncliffe PS Council, a soccer coach at the school and has helped plan local family events for the local elementary school.
“It is very important for me to be involved, for the children to be involved and everyone else to be involved,” he said. “There are so many issues that need our involvement in the community. Otherwise we can’t solve those issues: unemployment, overcrowding.”
Before moving to Canada in 1999, Ahmed worked in legal services for the National Development Finance Corporation in Pakistan for 11 years. Continue reading