Albert Castells ward 32 candidate

Fixer wants to repair city hall
Reno businessman Albert Castells running in Beaches-East York
Kris Scheuer
(Written for Town Crier July 15.)

Photo courtesy of Albert Castells.

Albert Castells wants to apply his fix-it skills to city hall.
Castells has been a mortgage broker, runs a home renovation business now and wants to be the next councillor for Ward 32.
He said Toronto hasn’t been operating the way it should be.
“Customer service is number one,” said Castells, adding if elected, he’d treat his constituents as he does his clients.

“I will serve all my clients equally,” he said. “Everyone should get the same service whether they live on Beech or Rose avenue.”
He accuses the current councillor Sandra Bussin of focusing too much on the Beach community and not on other parts of the eastern ward.
“Ward 32 is the Beach and Danforth and Gerrard. I want to be a voice of everyone. One thing I’ve heard constantly is that people on
Gerrard and Queen and Woodbine feel they are being (ignored),” he said.
Just as parts of the Danforth and Gerrard are promoted with festivals, other neighbourhoods should be highlighted and beautified.
“For example, Coxwell and Gerrard is not the nicest area, I want to change that,” said Castells who lives just outside the ward near the intersection.
He promises more transparency and accountability on how the city spends taxpayers’ money.
“Right now councillors seem to do what they want,” he said. “If you like it, great but if not, ‘sorry for your luck.’ ”
Castells said he’s relying on word of mouth and good old fashion door knocking to increase his name recognition among Ward 32 constituents.
“At the end of the day, unfortunately things aren’t being done right. People moan and complain, but don’t always do anything. I decided to take action,” said the first-time candidate.
“It’s time for new blood.”


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