G20 cops and protesters

Protesters on College, University meet huge police presence
Kris Scheuer
June 25

I took these pictures today between 5-5:45 pm as G20 protesters marched and chanted along College St and south on University Ave to Gerrard St where they were blocked by police from traveling further.

Cops on bikes tail a protest march along College St towards Queen's Park. By Kris Scheuer.

Police in riot gear form a line on College near University. By Kris Scheuer.

Man in a T-shirt reading I love you, I forgive you takes photos of cops on patrol on College St at G20 summit.

G20 rally and protest marches down University Ave. By Kris Scheuer.

By Kris Scheuer.

Police form a barrier along Gerrard to stop G20 protesters from marching further down University. By Kris Scheuer.


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