Tory coy about mayoral run

Former 2003 mayoral candidate Tory not running now
But never say never, former PC leader says leaving door open
By Kris Scheuer
(Written June 21 for Town Crier.)

John Tory not running for mayor, but never say never, he comments. Photo by Francis Crescia/Town Crier file photo.

Former mayoral candidate John Tory says he doesn’t like the direction the city is going, but won’t commit to running for its top job.
After moderating a mayoral debate focused on development, transit and city-building this morning, Tory addressed the question on many a political watcher’s mind: Is he jumping into the mayoral race?
“In my case as of the moment I am not running for anything except maybe cover once in awhile,” he joked with reporters.
But he indicated he’s learned never to say never.
The last day to register as a candidate in the city election is September 10. And while anything can happen, Tory remains coy about his intentions.
“There are many, many, many days we can all enjoy ourselves and watch what’s going on in politics,” he said. Tory said people aren’t happy with the visions being presented by the current crop of mayoral candidates, and neither is he.
“I am worried because these are big issues affecting the city that aren’t getting discussed,” he said, such as how to help low-income neighbourhood.
He’s not necessarily swayed by websites such as drafting him to run, but is affected by people who want him to enter the race.
“Even at my cottage a man came up to me in the grocery store in Keswick and said, ‘You should run for mayor of Toronto because our health as a community depends so much on Toronto.’ Those things probably have more influence on me.”
The former provincial Progressive Conservative leader said he’s currently focused on being a radio broadcaster at Newstalk 1010, his work as chair of the City Summit Alliance and his charitable work.
In the 2003 election, Tory came second to David Miller in the mayoral race.


11 responses to “Tory coy about mayoral run

  1. John Tory is still licking his wounds because he had his chance to shine two times in the political arena and twice he fell on his backside.

    John has decided to follow in the footsteps of another radio talk show host who became mayor of his city and then went on to take the premier job of his province.

    Ralph Klein was a popular radio talk show host in Calgary who ran for the job as mayor as a joke. He made up a platform of election promises from what his listeners were complaining about and he was hoping that the other mayoral candidates would pick up some of his ideas but they all just laughed it off and went on with their campaigns.

    The morning after the elections Ralph Klein left his loved radio station and the rest is history.

    Ralph Klein had one simple rule that got him re-elected again and again which was “Listen To The People” They are the ones that count.

    In John Tory’s case the people of Toronto want him to run so they can vote for him because they feel that he still has some sanity left in him.

    In the latest poll, the mayoral race is between two candidates where one wants to cut, cut and cut where the other one wants to spend, spend and spend.

    They both have fifteen percent of the poll and the rest has much less including me and that’s because no one knows me

    This is more than forty percent of undecided voters.

    John did say, “never say never” but if he waits too long he might fall on his backside again.

  2. Ford says he will cut spending. Remember he is only one vote even if he becomes mayor.
    Can you imagine the chaos if he cancels the streetcar order as he says he will? Eliminating perks and cutting essential services are not the same.

    • Nussy,
      you are right any candidate who becomes the next mayor is only one vote on the 45-member council. And yes cutting perks and essential services, such as the TTC, aren’t the same.

  3. I know there wont be a clean sweep. Incumbents always have an unfair advantage in both mailing lists and funds.
    There are some however that are way past their usefulness. They vote themselves raises and freeze the non unionized staff wages. They keep all their free passes and free lunches. They spend spend spend.
    Ford is not my cup of tea but I can see why he has so much support.
    Tory where are you.

    • Nussy,
      I get what you are saying about councillors spending and perks. And I agree that is why some are leaning towards Ford: he’ll cut spending and eliminate perks.
      In terms of Tory, we’ll see if he does enter the race after all and if he is the knight on a white horse for the mayoral race that people hope he is.

  4. Not sure if Shiner will run in my ward. Still did not see if he is running.
    As far as I am concerned it’s time to sweep the slate clean. Moscoe is way past his good before date for one.

    • Nussy.
      David Shiner is one of only four current councillors left to declare one way or another. In the last two elections he tends to register late (6-8 weeks before the vote).
      Howard Moscoe has told my colleagues at work many times he will still be on the ballot Oct. 25 but from January up until last week I continue to hear rumours from other candidates, political insiders and other journalists that Moscoe will drop out. But rumours run rampant during elections, so the proof will be if we see Moscoe’s name on the ticket Oct. 25.

    • Nussy, There’s won’t be a clean slate for sure.
      33 of the current crop are seeking re-election and all but a few will win for sure. Of the remaining 11 councillors: three are running for re-election (Mammoliti, Ford, Pantalone), four not running (Walker, Ootes, Giambrone, Rae) and four yet to declare (Shiner, Grimes, Feldman who’s said he may retire and Holyday who told me June 8 he plans to register).
      If Shiner doesn’t run, any ideas who could win or should run in Willowdale? Let me know if you plan to run, so I can interview you…

  5. Looking at the current batch of people running not one of them stands out as a LEADER Toronto desperately needs.
    We are swinging to the right after the cavalier way the city council squanders away our tax dollars.
    The days of Miller and Miller light, Joe Pantalone are thankfully soon over.
    Smitherman’s pissed away a billion dollars and Ford will fall by the wayside if Tory runs.
    The others are not even worth a mention.

    • Nussy,
      I can’t honestly say if John Tory will run. He told me “never say never” when I asked him directly yesterday. He said the same to other journalists who asked him the same thing. He did say he is concerned about the city and that some issues aren’t being addressed in the current mayoralty frontrunner platforms. One journalist from a rival paper told me he’s convinced Tory will enter the race before Sept. 10 cutoff. But that is just speculation at this stage.

    • Nussy,
      btw it sounds like you are not inspired by any of the current crop. Are you hoping Tory enters the race?
      Also, isn’t it worth a focus on the 44 council races as well? Because if you can’t get the mayor you want perhaps you can vote in a council candidate in your area that helps change the city for the better…

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