Rosina Bonavota withdraws Ward 15

Bonavota no longer running against Howard Moscoe
She registers instead for Catholic trustee race
By Kris Scheuer
(Written for Town Crier May 19.)

Rosina Bonavota withdrew from council race and is supporting another candidate. Photo by Kris Scheuer/Town Crier.

Councillor Howard Moscoe has one less opponent to worry about in this fall’s election.
Rosina Bonavota has withdrawn from the Eglinton-Lawrence Ward 15 race. She’s registered instead for Catholic school board trustee in North York Ward 5.
Bonavota said she wasn’t pressured to drop out but after meeting up with candidate Ron Singer decided to support his campaign.
“I think Ron Singer has a better chance of beating out Moscoe,” she said May 19.
Both Singer and Bonavota ran against Moscoe in the 2006 election. “We want to take out Moscoe because he’s taking too many freebies,” said Bonavota, referring to recent headlines focused on councillors’ office budgets and their free transit pass perk.
She said both she and Singer share similar ideas on saving taxpayers’ money.
In the 2006 election, Bonavota got nearly 1,900 votes, coming in third out of seven candidates in that race. Singer came second with 3,110 votes. Moscoe won with 5,820 votes.
Bonavota has lived in the Eglinton-Lawrence area since 1965 and helped run a family restaurant in the Oakwood and Vaughan area until 2007. She’s now a school bus driver.
“I would like to do what’s best for the children,” she said of her Catholic trustee candidacy.
In recent years, the Catholic school trustees have been embroiled in scandals involving misspent office budgets. Bonavota said if elected, she wouldn’t need an expense account and said the job of trustee should be voluntary and unpaid.
As of May 19, Moscoe, Singer and Rob Davis were the only registered candidates in Ward 15.

Did Rosina Bonavota make a wise choice to drop out of the race and support candidate Ron Singer instead?


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