Robert Walker Ward 31 candidate

Toronto can offer something for everyone: Walker
Candidate running in East York against Coun. Janet Davis
By Kris Scheuer
(Written May 13 for Town Crier.)

Ward 31 candidate Robert Walker. Photo courtesy of Robert Walker.

Beaches-East York candidate Robert Walker says he’s got some ideas to helping Torontonians get the most out their city.
The first-time candidate is running in Ward 31 where he lives with his 14-year-old son and 17-year-old daughter.
“I’m a homeowner and single dad,” the 48-year-old said. “I pay taxes like everyone else. I feel I could do a better job allocating taxes to help everyone.”
On his website, he laments about the rifts between drivers and cyclists, left versus right, downtown against the suburbs and so on.
“I think there’s enough of this city for everyone to have the city they want,” he said. “There’s enough room for people to travel across this city in any manner they want.”

But it will require some compromise, he said, cyclists will get bike lanes but not on every route they want, and drivers will lose lanes on some roads.
He’d like to see subways instead of the Transit City plan for light rapid transit routes.
“It’s more costly in the short term to build subways,” he concedes. “But in the long term, subways have a 100-year lifespan.”
He said he wouldn’t sell Toronto Hydro as mayoral candidate Rocco Rossi has suggested, but suggests some city assets could be sold or leased to pay for subways.
Walker also wants to open up the idea of contracting out services.
“People are saying, ‘Let’s contract out garbage.’ My position is, let’s find out how much that would cost. Let’s put out a request for proposal and have everyone including unions respond.”
He’s started canvassing in the ward and beside his website also has Twitter and Facebook accounts to increase his name recognition. One local issue he’s hearing about from residents is concerns over development.
One resident complained to him that neighbours want to sub-divide a lot to build two homes on a property meant for one home.
“This is happening all over the ward,” said Walker, an IT professional for a Bay Street law firm.
He’s also a certified project manager and accustomed to bringing people on board projects.
“If you can bring people into the vision rather than excluding them, the vision will work much better for everyone,” Walker said.

What is the key issue for you in voting for a local councillor?

2 responses to “Robert Walker Ward 31 candidate

  1. Dear Ms. Espinosa,
    Thanks for your concerns.
    With the past election behind us, I am more able to research the more issues to a place that I have work, lived and played in for the past 25 years.
    I needed more volunteers to assist me in getting my message out and will be running again in 2014.
    Maybe we could meet in the near future to discuss the concerns of what is happening in your neighbourhood.
    I look forward to meeting with you.
    Donna Braniff

  2. Sandra Espinosa

    It is 4 days until the election and I have not heard a single word from any of the candidates, including you Mr. Walker. I haven’t even had a brochure from any of you! Apparently my vote is not important. I am a lifelong resident of East York and have lived on Dawes Road for 35 years. Dawes Road is a major arterial roadway in East York, so why my building is being ignored is beyond my imagination! I am a disabled woman, so getting out to vote is a very difficult thing for me to do, however, I am willing to risk my health in order to vote because of the importance I put on the voting system in Canada! Yet, not one single candidate thinks I am important enough to bestow on me either information or a visit. I think this is totally shameful.
    In the past, I have always made a point of giving the candidate who visits my residence more importance than those who don’t but I am truly in a quandry because I have been totally ignored. I have not missed any visits from candidates because I am a shut-in at the moment after undergoing major emergency spine surgery that went terribly wrong. I know for a fact that I didn’t miss any visits!
    I have many questions I would like to have answered but I am so frustrated that I am just about to give up on this election and what a terrible way that makes me feel – to simply be one of the forgotten!
    My friend, Mark Dewdney, passed on my contact information which included my address, so this makes it doubly shameful that nobody has bothered to contact me. Mark felt so ashamed of all of you that he offered to come to my home and visit me, even though he is busy beyond belief at the moment in the last few days of his own election campaign (in Ward 30)! You have had nearly 2 months to visit my home, either yourself or your supporters, but for whatever reason, you have chosen not to!
    Being elected isn’t about getting a free ride!
    Yours truly,
    Sandra L. Espinosa

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