Toronto a day in the life 12

What I learned about Toronto one Saturday
Where to fly kites and see men in dresses
By Kris Scheuer

The kite my dad bought me April 24. It will look more impressive in the sky. Where should I fly it?

I can’t remember flying a kite as a child in T.O in the ’70s and I don’t see much kite flying in the city now.
So it was sheer joy as I watched four young children and one man, perhaps a father of one of them, flying kites on a windy afternoon Saturday April 10.
The spot was Cedarvale park where Humewood Dr and Heathdale Rd meet, off Vaughan Rd north of St. Clair Ave W.
This section of the park has a bowl like valley free of trees and seemed to be a perfect spot for the group to run to catch the wind in their colourful kites and then lie back on the grassy hill and watch them dance in the sky.
The scene captured me. Later I mentioned it to a friend who told me as a child growing up in Barbados he often built and flew kites. He’s promised to build one we can fly. I can’t wait.
A week ago, I asked my dad where to get supplies to build a kite. Then an hour after posting this story on April 24, I went to visit my father and he surprised me with this Spiderman kite. Sweet, right?
Perhaps there are better places to fly kites than Cedarvale park? Let me know…

Later the same evening I spent some time walking in Kensington Market and Chinatown, two great eclectic neighbourhoods, when I came a cross a couple singing in the market.
Not an uncommon sight, right? But they were both wearing sun dresses, his was pink and he had pink socks on inside his runners, and they were sporting bunny ears. He played guitar and she had a small French horn. It was funny and they made many passersby laugh, smile and stop to take photos (mine was not on me, sorry no picture). They were busking. This was their way to make some cash by busking.
These two scenes just reinforce why I love this city.


One response to “Toronto a day in the life 12

  1. About an hour after writing this post, I was visiting my dad. I had asked him last week where I could get some supplies for making a kite, but when I saw him today he handed me a marvelous Spiderman kite. Perhaps I will take it out for a test run tomorrow.
    As well, coincidentally the second part of my post mentioned the couple (man and woman) who I saw singing while both dressed in sundresses in Kesington Market. I saw them near Dundas West subway this afternoon and according to my sister who lives near there, she’s seen the couple there a few times.

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