Toronto council turnover 2010

How many new politicians will be at city hall?
At least seven new faces, but it will be more
By Kris Scheuer

Councillor Kyle Rae

Kyle Rae's not seeking re-election so a new councillor in Ward 27 is a sure thing.

Take a look at Toronto city council’s today because it will look different after the election.
At least seven councillors won’t be representing their wards anymore. Plus Mayor David Miller won’t be back. That’s guaranteed. But the turnover will be higher than that.
It won’t be the first time and in fact it could be less or about the same amount of turnover as in 2003 and ’06.
The current 45-seat council will be shaken up in 2010: I have all the details on who’s running and who isn’t here, which is updated regularly.
So far we’ll see a minimum turnover in seven council wards. Four incumbents Case Ootes, Michael Walker, Adam Giambrone and Kyle Rae aren’t running again.
Three coucillors Rob Ford, Giorgio Mammoliti and Joe Pantalone are running for mayor not running in their own wards.
Then there’s some unknowns that could bring additional change.  There are currently four councillors not registered for re-election: Mark Grimes, David Shiner, Doug Holyday and Mike Feldman. If Councillor Feldman does decide to retire, that would bring the changeover to at least eight.
Plus of the 33 councillors seeking re-election in their own wards some may not be successful, which would bring more change. But this is not unprecedented change…

In 2003, the city saw 13 new councillors as some incumbents were either defeated or chose not to run again.
In ’03 election here’s what changed: 2 incumbents lost, 11 didn’t run so there were new councillors.

Councillor Adam Giambrone

Adam Giambrone was one of the new faces on council in 2003.

Ward 6: Irene Jones didn’t run again and Mark Grimes won.
Ward 13: David Miller won as mayor and Bill Saundercook ran successfully for this council seat.
Ward 14 Chris Korwin-Kuczynski didn’t run in Ward 14 and Sylvia Watson won there.
Ward 16: Anne Johnston was beaten by Karen Stintz.
Ward 17: Betty Disero didn’t run and Cesar Palacio, her exec assistant, won.
Ward 18: Mario Silva didn’t seek re-election here, he’s now an MP, and Adam Giambrone won.
Ward  25: Joanne Flint didn’t run, she became a member of the OMB, and Cliff Jenkins won.
Ward 30: Jack Layton left to become leader of NDP and an MP and Paula Fletcher won.
Ward 31: Michael Prue became an MPP so he didn’t run for council and Janet Davis won this seat.
Ward 33: Paul Sutherland didn’t run again and Shelley Carroll won.
Ward 37: Lorenzo Berardinetti became and MPP and didn’t run for council and Michael Thompson won here.
Ward 38: Brad Duguid became an MPP and didn’t run for council and Glenn De Baeremaeker won.
Ward 39: Sherene Shaw lost to Mike Del Grande.
Plus in 2005 there was a provincial by-election in Ward 41 because Councillor Bas Balkissoon became an MPP.
So by 2005, that brought the number of new faces on council to 14 compared to 2000.

In 2006 election, we saw change again compared to the 2003 elected-council.

Councillor Adam Vaughan

Adam Vaughan was among new crop of councillors in 2006.

A total of 8 new reps were elected as seven councillors didn’t seek the job again plus one incumbent was beaten.
Ward 8: Peter Li Preti lost to Anthony Perruzza.
Ward 14: Gord Perks won in a race with no incumbent and Sylvia Watson ran unsuccessfully for MPP instead.
Ward 20: Olivia Chow ran and won as an MP leaving this council race open and Adam Vaughan won.
Ward 26: Jane Pitfield ran unsuccessfully for mayor and left this seat open and John Parker won.
Ward 35: Gerry Altobello didn’t seek re-election and Adrian Heaps won.
Ward 41: Bas Balkissoon became an MPP and didn’t run here and Chin Lee won.
Ward 43: David Soknacki didn’t run again and Paul Ainslie won.
Ward 44: Gay Cowbourne didn’t run and Ron Moeser was elected here.


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