Residents fight cell phone tower

North Yorkers want proposed cell tower stopped
Leslie St location to close to infant’s bedroom: residents
By Kris Scheuer
(Written March 31 for Town Crier. UPDATE HERE.)

Cell phone tower similar to this is proposed backing onto residential area.

William Marlatt views a proposed 40 metre cell phone tower as a health threat to his young family.
The planned Bell Canada tower would be located at 4800 Leslie St. in the parking lot of a medical building that backs onto Marlatt’s condo townhouse.
If the tower is approved by Industry Canada, it will be located less than 12 meters from the bedroom where Marlatt’s one-year-old son sleeps.
“There’s health risks associated with telecommunications towers. It shoots out electro magnetic wave lengths that’s showering down on the neighbourhood below for two kilometres,” Marlatt said. “It’s a nightmare.”
Not so, Bell spokesperson Julie Smithers told the Town Crier.
“Bell operates thousands of cell phone towers across Canada and they all meet or greatly exceed requirements by the federal government,” she said. “If there are concerns, residents can contact Industry Canada or Health Canada.”

According to Health Canada’s website, living near a cell tower is safe.
“Health concerns are sometimes expressed by people who live or work closely to base station antennas located on towers (or) poles,” states the website. “Yet the consensus of the scientific community is that (radio frequency) energy from cell phone towers is too low to cause adverse health effects in humans.”
That’s not reassuring to Marlatt, co-founder of the Anti-Bell Coalition, a residential group fighting the proposal. He said the group has collected almost 200 signatures on a petition against the location of the cell tower.
But health isn’t the only thing driving opposition to the cell tower. North York resident Wilfred McOstrich said in an interview he’s concerned the tower’s location will affect the value of his property across the street.
Through a freedom of information request McOstrich, another of the Anti-Bell Coalition’s cofounders, said he found Bell looked at the current site and an Esso station, but did not pursue other options.
“I found seven or eight alternative locations (Bell) didn’t look at,” said McOstrich, who has lived in the area since 1962. “Bell Canada didn’t come to the (March 22 community) meeting prepared with alternative locations.”
Bell’s Smithers said the company did look at least two other sites other than 4800 Leslie St. and will consider additional locations including those in a more commercial area or on the roof of residential highrises.
“We are looking at other sites including the ones proposed by residents. We want to fully consider those sites before moving forward,” said Smithers.
Councillor Shelley Carroll wrote to Industry Canada prior to the community meeting to ask for a review of the proposal, which is governed by federal legislation.
She said the proposal comes in just within the permissible federal guidelines such as being at least nine metres from a residential property.
New federal rules mean municipalities are now informed so they can send out notices to residents living 120 metres from the proposed site, hold a public meeting and city departments can review the application.
“We’ve covered it, myself and (city) staff, to the extent we can with the new protocol,” said Carroll. “What’s important is that concerned residents communicate with federal representatives.”


4 responses to “Residents fight cell phone tower

  1. It seems more than obvious the giant phone corporations only care about their own profit and convenience. The wellbeing and health concerns of area residents mean nothing to them. The radiation and electromagnetic fields emmitted by these sort of towers, have very harmful effects on our health and of our children’s, and we should be informed of these kind of proposals, so we could have a saying in the matter. It seems that Health Canada has been “Brainwashed” into making us think that these Cellphone towers cause us no harm, and that there’s nothing to fear. But there is a Dark truth behind it that they are hiding from us…

    Partly is our own fault, because our society has an OBSESSION with cellulars phones and wireless devices, and we are HYPNOTIZED with their consumist innovation and business strategies… USE CELLPHONES AND WIRELESS DEVICES AS LESS AS POSSIBLE. DONT KEEP FEEDING THESE MONSTERS, EVERY TIME WE USE THEM, THEY KEEP GROWING AND GAINING MORE AND MORE GROUND… MAKE YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!!!! SAY NO TO CELLPHONE TOWERS

    • HI Luis,
      thanks for your comment. I know some people are concerned about the electromagnetic fields of Cell Phone Towers. But the cell phone users also want good reception so they want these cell phone towers up in a lot of places. So I think the balance is finding the right place for these towers.

  2. Neighbourhood Association

    Our neighbourhood association is mounting a response to a belltower going up near our homes. As I am a PR professional with excellent contacts, I understand the power of what I can contribute to the ‘fight’ however does anyone else have practical suggestions to help out? We obviously have the petition being drawn up, plus info packages to leave behind… and signage for the site is underway. Obviously contacted the local councillor, MP for the area and the good Mayor Hazel. Anything else we can do?


  3. We just got notified TODAY about a meeting (that occurred 2 days ago) approving a site at the bottom of my street for a 14 storey BELL tower. Obviously none of our neighbours and no one in the neighbourhood association here received letters either. We had no idea this was being considered. NANDO IANNICCA , councillor Ward 7, Mississauga seems to feel that by relocating it from a Lithuanian Church/graveyard 1/2 a block away to 100 feet from my backyard is a great solution. These thingshave lights all over them, who wants that in their backyard particularlly when you pay $8000 plus in taxes??? What annoys me is that neither Bell nor the mississauga councillor sent a letter around notifying us of the meeting, shutting us out from the discussion.

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