Ken Chan Ward 27 candidate

Former cop and policy advisor seeks political office
Chan running for downtown city council seat
By Kris Scheuer
(Written March 31 for Town Crier.)

Candidate Ken Chan is running in ward 27. Photo courtesy of Ken Chan.

Ken Chan is running in the most crowded council race in the city.
He’s one of a 13 candidates competing in Toronto Centre Rosedale’s Ward 27 where current rep Kyle Rae has announced his retirement.
“We need people who aren’t career politicians,” said Chan a former Peel Region police officer. “We need people with experience in business, public service and community activists.”
Chan served as an officer from 1999-2003 while living in Ward 27 and commuting.
“One of the key factors for police officers is the ability to build bridges,” said the 34-year-old. “I’ve dealt with aggressive pan handlers and neighbourhood disputes.”
He’s spent time in the police homicide and drug departments.
Chan was also an advisor to mayoral candidate George Smitherman when he was minister of health.

“I was head of his policy and legislative services primarily responsible for inter-government relations,” he said. “I made sure Ontario got its fair share of federal dollars.
“George (Smitherman) and I helped get much needed resources for the ward for Sherbourne Health; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans Parenting Network and Supporting Our Youth,” said Chan. “We got money for sex-reassignment surgery after 10 years without funding.”
In 2008 he left the city to go and work for the British government on how to cut red tape for businesses. For the past 12 months he’s been working for London Mayor Boris Johnson on policing and community safety.
Chan, who still owns property in the ward, said this experience will help him if elected.
“I was working for the British government when they faced the worst economic situation and a year working for the mayor of London in his office,” said Chan. “I believe I have the right skill set. A lot of the candidates have great ideas. But I am a candidate who can deliver.”
Chan has a diploma in investigative and forensic accounting from University of Toronto that helps him think like a lawyer or accountant when examining budgets, he explained.
He’s worked on provincial health and Peel police budgets. He wants to fight for a balance of growth in the ward, increase green space and keep crime rates down. He likes the current approach towards more community policing.
“You need to look to a long term scenario with schools, the city, province and health organizations to look at (crime) diversion and prevention,” he said. “Getting youth involved in sports. There’s a good opportunity for us to do that with (Pan Am Games) in 2015,” he said. “I support a handgun ban.”
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3 responses to “Ken Chan Ward 27 candidate

  1. @Nev I agree that he is a lackey. No integrity at all. Especially over the bike lane issue and developments.

  2. Ugh another Smitherman lackey! He will do whatever the dear leader asks him to. Went to Great Britain and back eh? Ken Chan, just visiting…

    • Nev,
      yes he worked for Smitheman. When I interviewed Ken Chan, he said he had a job in London, UK working for the mayor for 1-2 years. But he’s actually spent decades living in Toronto and ward 27 not London.

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